Recoda Workspace Review: The Best Oxygen Builder Addon

Unleash the true power of Oxygen Builder with Recoda Workspace! Delve into our comprehensive review to unveil the ways this powerhouse transforms your WordPress site development journey. Elevate your website-building workflow effortlessly with this game-changing toolkit.
Mohammed Wasim Akram
Blog Post Author
Last Updated: December 1, 2023
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In this blog post, I unveil a game-changer for WordPress developers. Picture this: you're deep into crafting a stellar website with Oxygen Builder, but the workflow feels like it's missing a beat.

Ever wished for a seamless enhancement to your Oxygen Builder experience? Enter Recoda Workspace – a powerhouse that transforms your routine into a symphony of creativity.

Today, I'm diving into a detailed exploration of how Recoda Workspace elevates Oxygen Builder, backed by real-world scenarios.

Join me in exploring how Recoda transforms your Oxygen experience, making website creation not just efficient but downright enjoyable.

Let's delve into a hassle-free solution that elevates your craft, leaving you wondering why you haven't embraced this game-changer tool sooner.

Introduction of Recoda Workspace

Recoda Workspace was envisioned and developed by my good friend and the most passionate developer Renato Ćorluka. It initially started as a free plugin, but quickly evolved into a powerhouse, earning its prime time with the launch of premium plans.

It is not just another Oxygen Builder addon – it's the ultimate steroid and dreamers toolkit for Oxygen users which unleashes a world of possibilities with features ranging from design enhancements to streamlined workflows.

The plugin's core principle ensures no-locking data, offering a safe uninstall option even though you would never want to uninstall this powerhouse.

It is your key to an enhanced Oxygen editor experience with exclusive features like the Box Model, X-Mode, Live Server, HSL Color Wheel, Blockpad Code Editor, Grid Guides, and a suite of advanced tools and a plethora of shortcuts – it's the ultimate ally for the visual web developers.

Imagine Oxygen Builder as your trusted tool, and Recoda Workspace as the steroid that takes its functionality to an entirely new level. Picture a seamless editing experience, where every click and tweak flows effortlessly.

Remove Workspace, and suddenly, the Oxygen Editor becomes an alien landscape, unrecognizable to those accustomed to its enhanced features.

This plugin isn't just a nice addition; it's the missing piece that makes Oxygen truly shine. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting, Recoda is the game-changer you never knew you needed.

Embrace a web development journey where ease and innovation go hand in hand, thanks to the brilliance of Recoda Workspace. Your Oxygen Editor will thank you.

Key Features of Recoda Workspace

In this section, let's dive into the core of Recoda Workspace – the game-changer for Oxygen Builder users. Imagine a toolkit that turns your Oxygen Editor into a powerhouse, streamlining every step of your web development journey.

From enhanced design features to seamless coding, get ready to explore the main features that redefine your Oxygen experience.


Streamline your workflow with Actions, the favorite feature of most Recoda users. Imagine executing 70% of common tasks through a single input, reducing clicks, and mouse travel, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Bulk actions, Emmet-like element adding – it's a game-changer.

Blockpad Editor

For code enthusiasts, Blockpad Editor is a dream come true. Visualize all code blocks simultaneously – PHP/HTML, CSS, Javascript.

It's the ideal tool for those who frequently work with code blocks, ensuring a holistic view of your coding landscape.

Box Model

Dive into the core of CSS with the Box Model. This 6-in-1 panel provides comprehensive controls for spacing, borders, size, and more.

Shortcuts and indications make it a breeze to adjust margins, paddings, and overall layout. CSS has never been more accessible.

Design Token Hints

Merge low-code simplicity with full-code power using Design Token Hints. CSS variable hints in the editor fields simplify coding.

Unlock the potential of design tokens everywhere, ensuring consistency and ease throughout your Oxygen Builder projects.

Live Server

Say goodbye to constant tab switching and manual reloads. Recoda Live Server integrates seamlessly with Oxygen Builder, providing a hot-reloading solution.

Witness real-time changes without refreshing pages. Effortless, efficient, and a must-have for any Oxygen user.

Responsive Helpers

Visualize your design across various devices with Responsive Helpers. Choose preset values or customize your own to see your design's responsiveness at specific sizes.

A must-have for creating designs that adapt seamlessly to different screen dimensions.

Quickflow Actions

Experience a joyous workflow with Quickflow Actions. Smart helpers streamline your tasks – copy ID/class to the clipboard, generate breakpoints, and repeat commands effortlessly.

Right-click and Shift-click functionalities add a layer of efficiency to your Oxygen Builder experience.


Unlock the power of Shortcuts – a system designed for high adoption rates. With Two-Handed Workflow, evenly distribute muscle movements, reducing clicks and enhancing mouse-keyboard interactions.

Enable guided shortcut hints for a visual cue, making adoption a breeze.

Class Switcher

Classes are the backbone of web development, and Recoda makes managing them a breeze. The Class Switcher lets you view all classes associated with an element, switch active selectors, and remove classes with a single click.

A core pillar for efficient and organized web development.

Grid Guides

Enhance your design evaluation with Grid Guide helpers. This frontend debug tool offers customization at every breakpoint, ensuring alignment with your Figma design grid system.

Seamlessly transfer your envisioned design from Figma to a real website with ease.

Style Inspector

The Recoda Style Inspector is an indispensable tool for Oxygen Builder users. Effortlessly view applied styles on any element, identify affecting styles, and make quick changes.

Its clear display and hover-over feature streamline the styling process, saving time and frustration. A must-have for web designers and Oxygen enthusiasts.


Unlock advanced options effortlessly with Advantor. This feature provides single-click access to all advanced settings, offering four view options to optimize your workflow.

Simplify your Oxygen Builder experience with this powerful and convenient tool.


X-mode transforms your site's canvas into a grayscale view, showcasing each element's border. Evaluate the layout at lower fidelity with the grayscale display, while the border outline highlights spacing between elements.

Identify and rectify design discrepancies seamlessly with X-mode.

Unit Auto-Detection

Say goodbye to dropdown hassles! With Auto-unit detection, changing units becomes a breeze. Type your desired unit, like '10rem,' and watch as the feature automatically adjusts the unit and input field.

It even recognizes CSS functions, setting the unit to none. Effortless unit selection for a smoother Oxygen Builder experience.

Viewport Handles

Viewport handles simplify setting Canvas to match specific device widths. With a single click on the handle inside the ruler, tailor your canvas to align with various device dimensions.

Effortless adjustments for precise design responsiveness.

Global Units

Tired of frequently changing units? Global Units lets you set REM/EM as your native global unit inside Oxygen instead of the default PX unit.

No more constant unit adjustments – tailor your Oxygen Builder environment to your preferred unit and design with ease.

Live Server ScrollSync

Enhance your front-end tweaking experience with Live Server ScrollSync. Keep the frontend position in sync with the Editor preview, allowing for quick changes to the desired element.

Enjoy an immediate preview without ever needing to scroll the front-end—a bidirectional sync for a seamless design process.

Structure Filters

Navigate code blocks or any element effortlessly within complex structures. Structure Filters empower you to easily locate the most used types of elements, ensuring a streamlined and efficient website-building experience in Oxygen Builder.

Real Screen Width & Zoom Indication

Stay informed about your canvas dimensions and zoom values with a glance. the small box in the bottom left corner provides a real-time representation of the actual canvas width and zoom settings, ensuring clarity in your design work.

Resizable Panels

Customize your workspace effortlessly with Resizable Panels. Whether you need more space for the properties or structure panel, a smaller panel for styling, or a specific size for coding, drag-to-resize offers the flexibility you crave.

Make temporary adjustments or set permanent default sizes under user preferences for a personalized Oxygen Builder interface. Adapt your workspace seamlessly to your screen size needs.

Local Units

Extend Recoda's global unit system with Local Units. When your preference for a specific option, like max width differs from the global unit (e.g. REM) you can simply utilize the power of Local Units (e.g. PX) for priority.

This feature empowers you to tailor units based on specific elements, providing a fine-tuned approach to Oxygen Builder design.

Shortcuts Guides

Unlock the full potential of 50+ shortcuts with our high-adoption shortcut system. Crafted for usability, these shortcuts come in logical groups on the keyboard, facilitating graphical buttons and key mapping.

Shortcut Guides with hints eliminate the need to memorize keys, ensuring a faster learning curve.

For example, breakpoints buttons display corresponding shortcut numbers, making the Oxygen Builder shortcut experience efficient and user-friendly.

Full-Screen Mode

Effortlessly toggle between opening and closing both side panels with a single keystroke – the spacebar.

Simplify your workspace management with Full Screen Mode in Oxygen Builder, providing quick and convenient access to a clutter-free environment.

Responsive Mode & Auto-Zoom

Customize your Oxygen Builder experience by choosing between Responsive Mode and Auto-zoom. While Auto-zoom is the default setting, Responsive Mode allows manual Canvas exploration.

Disable Auto-zoom to freely check all screen sizes by dragging the panel. Gain control over your design process with flexible viewing options in Oxygen.

Panel Docking

Address the challenge of extensive mouse travel on large screens with Panel Docking. Rearrange panel positions and consolidate them on one side, reducing mouse movements.

Enhance accessibility and streamline your workflow in Oxygen Builder with the Panel Docking feature.

Disable Margin & Padding Drag

Address the challenge of accidental dragging of Margin and Padding in Oxygen Builder by disabling the drag functionality.

This ensures that adjustments to Margin and Padding are made exclusively through the interface inputs, providing users with greater precision and control over design elements.

Structure Elements Indentation

Optimize the viewing experience on screens of various sizes with Structure Elements Indentation. Recognizing that default values may be too small or too large, this feature empowers users to control the spacing of items.

Whether you need more breathing room or a more compact layout, Structure Elements Indentation ensures flexibility in design.

Default Panel Size (L/R)

Overcome the limitation of native Oxygen panels being fixed at 300px width by leveraging Recoda's customization options. Resize and set the default width for each panel based on your preferences.

This feature grants users the freedom to tailor the Oxygen Builder workspace to their specific needs, optimizing efficiency and usability.

Pricing Structure of Recoda Workspace

In this section, let's unravel the pricing structure of Recoda Workspace – your ultimate Oxygen Builder companion.

Explore the value-packed plans as of December 2023 that elevate your web development without breaking the bank.

Get ready to discover how this steroid for Oxygen fits seamlessly into your budget, making enhanced functionality accessible to all.

Agency Plan (The Only Current Plan)

  • Plan: Lifetime License
  • Sites: Suitable for 1000 sites
  • Price: One-time payment of $199
  • Support: Enjoy Lifetime Support
  • Updates: Benefit from Lifetime Updates

Embrace seamless Oxygen Builder enhancements with Recoda Workspace. Secure your lifetime license for just $199, ensuring perpetual support and updates.

Elevate your web development experience without recurring fees.

Note: Price subject to change. Visit the official site for the latest information.

PROS of Recoda Workspace

In this section, let's explore the bright side – the PROS of Recoda Workspace.

Imagine a world where Oxygen Builder becomes an even more potent tool, courtesy of features that enhance your workflow.

Get ready for a journey through the benefits that make this Oxygen steroid a must-have in your toolkit.

Completely Transform Your Oxygen Editor UI & UX

Recoda Workspace is the design revolution you didn't know you needed. Imagine transforming your Oxygen editor into an intuitive and visually captivating website-building canvas.

Navigate effortlessly, customize interfaces seamlessly, and revel in an enhanced user experience that breathes life into your creativity.

Supercharge Your Productivity with Unmatchable Features

Enter Recoda Workspace, the powerhouse that turns your Oxygen editor into a productivity dynamo. It's not just a toolkit; it's an arsenal of unmatchable features.

Quickflow actions streamline repetitive tasks, and each innovative feature feels like unlocking a new level of development prowess. My workflow has never been this efficient, and the possibilities are boundless.

Hangout with the Highly Passionate Community

Recoda isn't just about features; it's about community. Picture this: you step into a virtual hangout where Oxygen enthusiasts like you converge.

It's not merely an add-on plugin; it's an invitation to join a dynamic community, share insights, troubleshoot together, and celebrate the journey of a visual way of web development.

In Recoda's community, you're not just a user; you're part of a thriving ecosystem.

The Future Seems Secure with the Great Team

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, confidence in a product stems from the team behind it. With Recoda Workspace, my journey feels secure because it's not just about the plugin; it's about the brilliant minds steering the ship.

The team's dedication to excellence and a clear vision for the future ensure that we're in capable hands. It's not just software; it's a partnership with a team invested in success.

Continuous Improvement & New Features Additions

Recoda Workspace isn't static; it's a dynamic force of constant enhancement. Every update feels like unwrapping a gift of new possibilities.

It's not just about fixing bugs; it's about evolving features, staying ahead of the curve, and aligning with the ever-changing needs of Oxygen Builder users.

This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that our web development journey is a voyage into a landscape of perpetual innovation.

CONS of Recoda Workspace

In this section, let's navigate through the nuances – the CONS of Recoda Workspace.

While this Oxygen Builder companion offers a stellar experience, it's essential to highlight aspects that might not align with every user.

Explore the limitations to make an informed decision on whether this Oxygen steroid fits seamlessly into your unique workflow.

Doesn't Work Outside Oxygen Builder

Recoda's brilliance lies in its integration with Oxygen Builder, offering a seamless experience within its environment. However, the limitation surfaces when you venture beyond Oxygen.

If the prospect of exploring other WordPress builders such as Bricks, Zion, Builderius, or Gutenberg ever crosses your mind, Recoda's exclusivity becomes apparent.

Its features, while powerful in Oxygen, won't transcend to other professional builders. While this ensures a seamless integration within Oxygen's framework, it limits the flexibility for users venturing into diverse builder options.

Use Once & Get Addicted Forever

There's a certain magic in using Recoda with Oxygen that leaves an indelible mark. It's not just a tool; it's an experience—a rare delicacy that, once savored, becomes an integral part of your workflow.

As I recently delved into Bricks Builder, boasting superior UI/UX and several powerful features, the absence of Recoda was unmistakable. Its unique functionalities, deeply embedded in Oxygen, create a lasting impression.

Despite the allure of new builders, Recoda's innovative features make it a compelling choice, setting it apart in the builder landscape.


In this post, we've delved into the world of Recoda Workspace, unraveling its potential as the ultimate companion for Oxygen Builder enthusiasts like us.

We've witnessed how it transforms our editing experience, boosts productivity, and adds layers of functionality to our projects.

Now, as we stand at the crossroads of possibilities, I can't help but wonder:

How would Recoda elevate your Oxygen journey? Have you explored its features and felt the impact on your workflow?

As we embrace the power of Recoda, I'm eager to hear your thoughts. What's your take on this game-changer for Oxygen?

Do you have insights, questions, or your own take on Recoda Workspace? Share them in the comments below. Let's create a vibrant space for WordPress enthusiasts to connect, exchange ideas, and propel each other to new heights.

And now, it's your turn. Share this post with your WordPress tribe. Let them in on the secret of Recoda Workspace. Who knows what incredible websites and projects they might create with this Oxygen booster?

Hit that share button, and let's spread the excitement.

Stay tuned for more WordPress wonders. The journey has just begun, and there's a lot more to uncover. Until then, happy building, fellow WordPress enthusiasts!

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