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I often see on the Official Oxygen Builder Group that people ask for a place to purchase readymade design templates for Oxygen Builder, so keeping that in mind I have put together this list containing all the available design template-related products for the community to find them in a single place.
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Last Updated: April 3, 2024
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I often see on the Official Oxygen Builder Group that people ask for a place to purchase readymade design templates for Oxygen Builder, so keeping that in mind I have put together this list containing all the available design template-related products for the community to find them in a single place.

Currently, there are only a few websites that are selling ready-to-use Oxygen design templates. Still, I can see that in the future it's going to become a big market as long as the Oxygen Builder grows so the demand for the readymade templates will grow as well without any doubt.

One more reason for being so confident about it is because Oxygen made it really easy for us to import and export design templates using shortcodes as well as the design key.

Apart from that, if you are a Hydrogen Pack user, you can simply create a template and copy the design into the clipboard, then ask your buyers to paste it to their website simply using Hydrogen Paste, a free plugin.

Also, there is another great product that has come into existence called Asura which makes this Oxygen Builder design set selling packaging and licensing much easier so that everyone can sell their design sets with zero hassle using this disruptive product.

So without further talking let's get straight to the list of Oxygen readymade template selling websites.


OxyMade is an Oxygen Builder Addon that provides you with a selector structure mostly based on the Tailwind CSS framework and multiple awesome-looking design templates/sets to get you started quickly and easily on your web design projects.

It's a clean yet powerful design system that can be used for a variety of different web design projects including business, corporate, portfolio, personal, ecommerce, and much more. It also has many advanced features that make it great and unique as compared to the other alternatives.

Automatic CSS

Automatic CSS is the most practical, no-nonsense utility framework ever created for WordPress Builders like Oxygen Builder. It offers various powerful and game-changing features like Automatic Typography, Automatic Colors, Automatic Spacing, Automatically Responsive, Automatic Grid, Insane Customizability, and Automatic Fallbacks.


Oxywind is the Tailwind CSS Integration for Oxygen Builder by the DPlugins team. Using the power of this awesome framework you can rapidly build modern websites with Tailwind CSS inside Oxygen Editor.


OxyNinja is a Design Set for Oxygen Builder that is focused on building and maintaining high-quality websites. The OxyNinja Design Set consists of several professional layouts, which can be used as a foundation for all of your future web design projects.

It includes over 50 design templates that will help you build beautiful, professional websites quickly. These templates can be used to create various types of websites from simple blogs to complex ecommerce sites.


A random collection of CSS effects you can easily import into your Oxygen websites. Perfect for beginners who want to learn more about CSS and animations.


Oxymaven is made for Oxygen Builder developers and designers. It helps you build websites faster in Oxygen with custom-made design sets which save you thousands of hours of creating custom-made design sets and basic building blocks.


Oxyblock is a design set with Asura Connector. A clean, minimalist, and 100% personalized design in order to save time in the development of your entire website.

The first release will have 72 blocks for Oxygen 3.7+ and a Design Kit in Figma.


OxyWireframe is a Design Set that uses the BEM pattern and REM units. Designed as a Wireframe to create anything you want.

110+ blocks ready to be edited in different ways every time. Soon available!


OxyMonkey is the ultimate WooCommerce Design Set for Oxygen Builder. Start building online stores in minutes with these clean, minimalistic, and 100% customizable designs. It is dedicated to providing the Oxygen community with the largest collection of designs made for WooCommerce.


In this resource post, I have tried to cover all the available websites that only sell readymade Oxygen design templates such as blocks, sections, landing pages, and even complete website template packages.

If this resource list seems helpful to you then consider bookmarking and sharing it with your friends and community as I am going to keep adding new resources to this list whenever I find one.

Also if you want to help me keep this list updated then feel free to let me know in the comment section if you find some websites that fit in this category.

Thanks a lot for visiting our website

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