Oxygen Builder Compatible Plugins: Best Free & Paid Tools

If you're looking for the list of WordPress plugins that work well with Oxygen Builder, then you've landed in the right place as we keep updating this resource post by adding all the free and paid plugins of different categories that are compatible with Oxygen.
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If you're looking for the list of WordPress plugins that work well with Oxygen Builder, then you've landed in the right place as we keep updating this resource post by adding all the free and paid plugins of different categories that are compatible with Oxygen.

Here in this list, you will find mainly two types of Oxygen compatible plugins, #1 that officially integrate with Oxygen, and #2 which doesn't officially integrate but work well with Oxygen without any problem.

Multiple thousands of WordPress plugins exist in the ecosystem and it's impossible to make them work with one another every time regardless of the theme and the page builder you use.

Keeping that in mind you should also know that not all WordPress plugins are going to work with Oxygen.

Oxygen completely disables the WordPress theme, so in that case, if a plugin requires a theme to run then most probably that kind of plugin will not work with Oxygen unless you do some manual tweaks with codes.

However, my motive to write this post was to help you find the best and most reliable WordPress plugins that work well with Oxygen without any issues because I don't want you to struggle as I did in the beginning.

Here I would like to say thanks and shout out to the Oxygen community for sharing their stack of WordPress plugins that they use on their sites. And I have added most of the plugins to this list based on this Facebook post.

Also, if you're looking for the list of addons dedicatedly made for Oxygen, you should check that out over here: https://syncwin.com/oxygen-builder-addons/

Please Note: Consider checking the deal section of our website to save some bucks by finding out if any exclusive deal or a discount offer is running on a premium plugin from this list or not.

So let's begin!


Analytics Integration Plugins

Just having a website is not enough! Analyzing the performance of your website is necessary to optimize the marketing campaign for your business.

That is the reason you would require plugins that would help you integrate the popular Analytics platform like Google Analytics with your WordPress website to make things easier, so here are all the Analytics plugins that work with Oxygen Builder as well.

Free Analytics Integration Plugins

Paid Analytics Integration Plugins

Backup & Migration Plugins

Every time you would require a backup plugin to keep your website safe and a migration plugin to transfer it to a different server when you're using WordPress as a CMS.

Therefore I am going to list all the backup and migration plugins that work well with Oxygen Builder.

Free Backup & Migration Plugins

Paid Backup & Migration Plugins

Booking Management Plugin

For the service-based businesses that offer free OR/AND paid consultation having a booking management system on their websites is necessary. Therefore keeping that in mind I am going to share with you a few booking management plugins that work with Oxygen Builder as well.

Free Booking Management Plugin

Paid Booking Management Plugin

Cache Management Plugins

Without a cache management plugin, your WordPress website could load much slower therefore if you want to keep your website faster then you need a good caching plugin.

So here are the popular cache management plugins that play well with Oxygen, but the only condition is that you should know how to set them up properly.

Free Caching Plugins

Paid Caching Plugins

Code Injection Plugins

If you work with code snippets and inject CSS, JavaScript, or/and PHP snippets to your website without touching the backend, then the best way would be to use a plugin that manages all of these snippets in one place.

Therefore here I have listed the plugins that do that and work well with Oxygen without any issues.

Free Code Injection Plugins

Paid Code Injection Plugins

Comment System Plugin

If you're one of them who doesn't like the default comment system of WordPress then you must be looking for a way to enhance and improve it for a better user experience and management.

Don't worry then, as multiple plugins exist in the WordPress repository to help you do just that with ease, and I will be adding some of those plugins in this section that also works with Oxygen Builder.

Free Comment System Plugin

Paid Comment System Plugin

  • Nothing found yet.

CSS Styling Plugins

If you want to customize and style the front end of your website then you're going to need a CSS Styling plugin for that purpose.

Although there are multiple good options you can find in the WordPress arena still not all of them are compatible with Oxygen, but the ones I have listed here will play perfectly well with Oxygen.

Free CSS Styling Plugins

Paid CSS Styling Plugins

Custom Post Type & Custom Fields Plugins

If you're creating a complex website then most probably you are going to need the plugins that can help you create custom post types and custom fields to make your life a little easier if you don't want to custom code things.

So keeping that in mind I have added the most popular plugins that just do that and work well with Oxygen.

Free CPT & Custom Fields Plugins

Paid CPT & Custom Fields Plugins

Database Management Plugins

Sometimes we need to manipulate our WordPress website's database to perform a certain action like changing URLs or texts and also other times we need to migrate the database from one site to another.

Therefore keeping that in mind I have listed the plugins that work with Oxygen and they would help you manage your website database with ease.

Free Database Management Plugins

Paid Database Management Plugins

Ecommerce Plugins

Although WordPress was initially launched just for the blogging purpose gradually it has become something that can help you build almost all types of websites including complex Ecommerce sites.

So if you want to build an ecommerce website with Oxygen to sell physical or/and digital products, then you absolutely don't need to worry as Oxygen works with the most popular ecommerce plugins that are listed below.

Free Ecommerce Plugins

Paid Ecommerce Plugins

Email Campaign Plugins

If you ever want to run email campaigns from your WordPress site then you are going to need a plugin that does it for you, so for that reason, I have listed a few plugins that work well even when you use Oxygen.

Free Email Campaign Plugins

Paid Email Campaign Plugins

Filter & Search Builder Plugins

If you're looking for the plugins that help you create advanced search OR/AND filter functionality on your WordPress websites built with Oxygen Builder then in this section I am going to list all those plugins that would help you achieve what you exactly want.

Free Filter & Search Builder Plugins

Paid Filter & Search Builder Plugins

File Management Plugins

If you're a person who likes to keep things in a very organized manner (like me 😉 ) then you must need something that could help you to keep things (such as files, media, and pages) organized in your WordPress sites as well.

Therefore I have added the plugin that will make your life much easier and you will feel internal satisfaction as it will help you keep things in separate folders and subfolders, and the best part is that it works well with Oxygen.

Free File Management Plugins

Paid File Management Plugins

Form Builder Plugins

Forms are compulsory for all kinds of websites because this is the standard way to generate leads from websites and you can find a ton of dedicated form builder plugins in WordPress.

So in this list, I have added only the form builder plugins that work well with Oxygen which either I have personally tested or the other community members have confirmed on the Official Oxygen Group.

Also, click here to see the performance comparison chart of multiple form builder plugins by Supa Mike.

Free Form Builder Plugins

Paid Form Builder Plugins

Font Management Plugins

Fonts play a huge role in making websites beautiful, so if you love making beautiful sites you are going to need some font management plugins either to use custom fonts or to load Google fonts locally.

So keeping that in mind I have listed a few Font management plugins here that work with Oxygen as well.

Free Font Plugins

Paid Font Plugins

If you have Swiss Knife Pro 3rd party Oxygen Add-On then it also helps you with better managing fonts for Oxygen websites.

Also, consider checking these tutorials to host Google Font Locally and add custom fonts to the Oxygen Builder.

Gutenberg Plugins

Gutenberg is the new WordPress!

Currently, if you want to build beautiful content or page layout then you're not going to need a Page builder as Gutenberg with a few addons is enough if you know how to use it properly.

In this section, I have added all the Gutenberg Block Builder plugins that play well along with Oxygen.

Free Gutenberg Plugins

Paid Gutenberg Plugins

Image Optimizer Plugins

Image optimization plays a big role in WordPress website performance because large images can make pages load really slow, to prevent that you are going to need a better image optimizer plugin for your website.

Here you can find the image optimization plugins that play well with Oxygen and helps you get better performance and speed.

Free Image Optimizer Plugins

Paid Image Optimizer Plugins

Knowledge Base Plugin

This is something that you are going to need when you plan to create different types of content such as product documentation or knowledge base as not all types of posts can fit into the blog category.

So keeping that in mind I have shared the knowledge base plugins that would definitely work with Oxygen.

I made a comparison chart between a few good Knowledgebase plugins though not all are tested with Oxygen still if you want to see the comparison then you can find that by clicking on the hyperlink within this paragraph.

Free Knowledge Base Plugin

Paid Knowledge Base Plugin

Multilingual Plugins

If you run a business that serves international audiences, then at some point you are going to make your WordPress site multilingual for different audiences, and to achieve that you would require a plugin.

So here are some multilingual plugins that work well with Oxygen as per the community members of Oxygen.

Free Multilingual Plugins

Paid Multilingual Plugins

Performance Optimization Plugins

Creating a website on WordPress could be a pain in your back if you don't know how to optimize the site for better performance.

Although Oxygen is dedicated to building faster websites, you should still optimize your plugin to further improve the performance.

Here you find all the WordPress optimization plugins that work with Oxygen without any issue.

Free Performance Optimization Plugins

Paid Performance Optimization Plugins

SEO Plugins

WordPress itself is an SEO-friendly CMS but when you're serious about SEO and want to implement proper On-Site SEO practices, then it alone is not enough and you would require a well-developed plugin that can help you optimize the On-Site SEO for your site.

So keeping the SEO in mind I have shared all the plugins that are best at their places and work really well with Oxygen.

Free SEO Plugins

Paid SEO Plugins

Social Media Integration Plugins

Having social media integration is a must to generate website traffic when you're running a website. There are various ways you can integrate your site with social media like adding social sharing buttons, adding social media widgets, and many more.

Therefore I have listed below all the social media plugins that work well with Oxygen Builder to make your life a little easier.

Social Media Integration Plugins

Social Media Integration Plugins

Security Plugins

Two years back all my 13 websites (that exist at that time) got hacked which took me more than two weeks to clean them up and then I realized the importance of using a security plugin as I never used one earlier.

Therefore I would highly recommend you to install and properly set up a security plugin on your WordPress website if you don't want to pay us 199 bucks for cleaning up your hacked malware-injected website 😉

However here are the best security plugins that work with Oxygen without any problem.

Free Security Plugins

Paid Security Plugins

Sidebar Plugins

This is something that you are only going to need when you want to create multiple sidebars for different pages and post types or you are using Oxygen builder as it doesn't let you create a sidebar out of the box.

So here are the plugins that will help you build sidebars for Oxygen and here you can find my tutorial on creating a sidebar in Oxygen.

Free Sidebar Plugins

Paid Sidebar Plugins

SMTP Plugins

If you send any kind of emails such as general, marketing, or transactional emails from your WordPress site then it is highly recommended to use an SMTP plugin if you don't want your emails to bounce or go into spam.

Here you can find the SMTP plugins that you can use with Oxygen.

Free SMTP Plugins

Paid SMTP Plugins

Nothing found yet.

Tables Generator Plugins

When you run a blog on WordPress, at some point you are going to need a plugin that helps you create the table charts for your blog posts, for live example check this post of mine.

Here you can find the plugins that will help you create the table charts and they also work with Oxygen.

Free Tables Generator Plugins

Paid Tables Generator Plugins

Table of Content Plugins

Table of Content is a great feature for better user experience and SEO as well.

It will help your site visitors to reach a particular section of a page with a single click for quick access which is also known as a jump link.

So here I have listed a few light-weighted plugins that are proven to be worked with Oxygen without any issues.

Free Table of Content Plugins

Paid Table of Content Plugins

  • I couldn't find a paid option

URL Management Plugins

There would be situations when you need different types of URL management plugins to achieve certain things such as changing the page slugs or managing the custom post type URLs of your website, therefore I am listing a few useful Oxygen compatible plugins of that nature to this post.

Free URL Management Plugins

Paid URL Management Plugins

  • I couldn't find a paid option

Website Management Plugins

WordPress already has an inbuilt system for managing multiple sites at once using their Multi-site functionality, but if you're looking for a more advanced solution then you can use any of the mentioned plugins as they work with Oxygen sites as well.

Free Website Management Plugins

Paid Website Management Plugins

WordPress White Label Plugins

Sometimes you might want to white label a WordPress site that you have built for your client so in that case, these below-mentioned plugins could solve your problem even for the Oxygen powered sites.

Free WordPress White Label Plugins

Paid WordPress White Label Plugins


In this resource list, I have put together only the best and most reliable plugins that I know work well with Oxygen, but I know this is not the complete list and it never can be as there are thousands of plugins that might work with Oxygen but we don't know yet as we never tested each of them.

But one thing I can assure that I will keep adding new reliable plugins that are compatible with Oxygen whenever I get to know about them as I want to make this a comprehensive list that helps the Oxygen community.

So I would like to invite you to help me make this list the most comprehensive resource by suggesting the best & reliable plugins that you have personally tested that work well with Oxygen without any issues.

Also if you think this post is valuable and helpful then bookmark it and share it with your friends as well as your community to help them out as well.

Thanks a lot for spending your precious time on our website syncwin.com.

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