Issue #05 - SyncWin Weekly Digest Newsletter

Written by:
Mohammed Wasim Akram
First Published on:
October 19, 2021
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In this fifth issue of SyncWin Weekly Digest, we are going to share our website features update, our new sub-brand information, a piece of huge security news, and exclusive deals just for the SyncWin Community to blow your mind.

😍 Quote of the Week

“Always deliver more than expected.” — Larry Page, co-founder of Google

💭 Wisdom of the Week

If you know something useful and valuable which can be helpful for others then don't just keep it with yourself, produce content around it, and share your knowledge with the world by using the power of the internet.

Internet is the biggest source of information that is available to almost everyone, with the help of it you can reach up to thousands if not millions of people around the globe with your valuable content.

This will help you to grow your business online and to generate more revenue. Not only that but it will also give you a sense of satisfaction that you're not just a taker but a giver as well.

⏳ SyncWin Ecosystem Weekly Reflection

Know more about the things that are going on around the SyncWin Ecosystem which you should care about being a Win-Syncer.

📈 Our Plans & Works

SyncWin Website: We have added simple Facets & Grids built with PionetGrid on all the archive pages of SyncWin. However, building the archive templates with the most powerful PiotnetGrid was really fun.

You can check the results here:

Toolonomy Update: Hopefully our Toolonomy Website will be ready to launch by the time you receive our next Weekly Digest Newsletter. I will share further details once the website is up and running.

🗣️ Most Popular Community Post

Popular Post #1: The most popular post of this week from the SyncWin Community was about a brand new WordPress plugin known as Solid Affiliate and the exclusive offer around it.

Popular Post #2: Another popular community post was about the FilterWP WordPress Plugin's Private Lifetime Deal exclusively for the SyncWin Community.

⌨️🖱️ Our Latest Content

Recently we put together a resource list post where you are going to find all the popular facet builders available in the WordPress ecosystem which can help you create advanced search and filter systems on your websites.

🌐 Buzzing Around the World of Web

Let's discover what's buzzing around the world of the internet that resonates with online entrepreneurs like you and me.

📲 Social Media

Twitch confirmed that a major data breach took place on their servers, in simple words it was hacked after its source code and secrets leak out.

“We can confirm a breach has taken place,” says a Twitch spokesperson on Twitter.

🧮 Digital Brands

The Notion is my top favorite note-taking app due to its futuristic advanced features and great UI & UX. If you're also a Notion lover like me then you will be shocked to know that Notion reaches $10 billion valuations, boosted by remote work and viral videos on TikTok.

📰 Talk of the WordPress Town

If you're also a WordPress lover like me and most of the Win-Syncers then let's check out what are the talks of the WordPress Town this week.

⚠️ Security Updates

Let's check out the list of a few well-known WordPress plugins that have been recently reported with vulnerability. If you're using any of these plugins then consider updating them to the very latest version immediately.

Here is the list of Vulnerable WordPress Plugins:

  • NinjaForms
  • YITH Maintenance Mode
  • AutomatorWP
  • WordPress Download Manager
  • Stripe For WooCommerce

🧰 Exclusive Tools, Freebies, Deals & Discounts

Pay attention to the exclusive Tools, Deals, Discounts, Freebies, and Offers that can save you a lot of money and help you grow your business online.

👩🏻‍💻 WebDev & Design Tools

Dopely Freebie: Dopely is a free brand color palette explorer and generator tool that lets you create color palettes and shows you the famous brands' color palettes along with their color info.

FilterWP Private LTD: FilterWP is an easy-to-use facet builder which is dedicated to creating designing filters, and grids for your portfolio and eCommerce size all within WordPress.

BetterWP is offering a private lifetime deal on their FilterWP plugin exclusively for the Win-Syncers which is not yet available for the general public.

📊 BizDev Tools

Solid Affiliate LTD + Discount: Solid Affiliate; an affordable AffiliateWP alternative offers everything you need to run an affiliate program with WooCommerce. Build, manage and track your own affiliate program from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard.

Here are the exclusive discount coupons just for the Win-Syncers:

  • Use Coupon Code "SyncWin50" to get 50% Discount (Only 10 Coupons Left)
  • Use Coupon Code "SyncWin" to get 20% Discount (Limited to first 200 People)

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Stay tuned for the next issue of the newsletter until the upcoming Wednesday.

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