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Microthemer Review: Best No-Code Visual WordPress CSS Editor

Microthemer is a powerful visual CSS editor plugin for WordPress that allows users to effortlessly customize the appearance of their website using point-and-click controls without any coding skills. It offers a variety of styling options as well as integrations with leading page builders, which makes it an essential tool for website creators.
Mohammed Wasim Akram
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Last Updated: January 8, 2023
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If you're searching for a powerful yet simple tool to customize the appearance of your website utilizing CSS, continue reading because I'll be taking a close look at Microthemer, a WordPress plugin that allows users to make design changes to their site without any coding knowledge.

Throughout this article, I will look at Microthemer's features, benefits, downsides, and price options as well as its compatibility with popular website builders.

I'll also provide you with my overall verdict on whether this tool is suitable for your needs or not, even if you're a newbie looking to make some fundamental design modifications or a professional developer seeking a more efficient workflow.

Therefore, sit back, relax, and let's get started with our Microthemer review.

Introduction of Microthemer

Microthemer is a powerful visual CSS editor plugin for WordPress that allows users to effortlessly customize the look and feel of their website using point-and-click controls and without any coding knowledge.

It offers a wide range of CSS styling tools, allowing users to create responsive and aesthetically appealing designs and seamless integration with popular website builders.

It's an essential tool for customizing your WordPress site. Whether you are a newbie or an expert CSS developer, Microthemer can assist you in designing a beautiful and professional-looking website.

Furthermore, Microthemer provides a large set of CSS styling options, such as animations, transitions, transforms, flexbox, and grid layouts, as well as essential web design options such as typography, position, spacing, sizing, backgrounds, and some unique features such as CSS shapes, masks, image hover effects and reusable styles with custom classes.

Resources for Microthemer

Discover the most essential Microthemer resources you'll need while working with this tool.

Main Features of Microthemer

Analyze the main features of Microthemer to determine whether or not you require this product for your business.

  • Live CSS Editing: Using the visual styling tools or the code editor, users can make style changes to their website and view the changes that take effect in real-time.
  • HTML Inspector: This function also displays the underlying HTML code for selected elements, making it simple to identify the appropriate parts for style.
  • Customization Options: It offers hundreds of CSS styling options, allowing users to modify any aspect of their WordPress site, from header to footer, including content created with Gutenberg, page builders, custom posts, and more.
  • Drag & Drop CSS Grid: Its intuitive drag and drop controls make it simple for users with no prior knowledge of CSS grids to create beautiful web layouts.
  • Responsive Design: This tool streamlines the process of building responsive designs by offering adjustable breakpoints and a feature that allows users to test how their site looks on different screen sizes and address any issues that appear.
  • Google Font Integration: Its Google Font Integration allows users to effortlessly explore and insert Google fonts without leaving the editor, saving time and assuring that only the essential fonts and variants are placed on the website.
  • Sass Support: It enables users to utilize Sass, a popular CSS preprocessor, in their styles. This allows users to write cleaner, more structured CSS code as well taking advantage of Sass functionalities like variables and mixins.
  • CSS Variables: It allows users to utilize variables in their CSS styles, making them more versatile and manageable. Users can specify a variable for a color that is reused across styles and then update the color simply by modifying the variable value. Compared to manually changing the color across several locations, this can save both time and energy.
  • CSS Shapes & Masks: Shapes and masks in CSS styles allow users to develop more trendy and pleasant designs. Sharp diagonal contours, smooth wavy curves, and organically curved graphics can help differentiate a website from traditional rectangles and border-radius layouts.
  • Custom JavaScript Support: Using the editor interface, users can add custom JavaScript to their website, which can be beneficial for adding interactive elements or custom functionality.
  • Custom CSS Selectors: Users can create unique selectors to design items on their website. This can be useful for targeting individual elements that may lack unique class or id properties, or for establishing more precise styles depending on an element's context.

Integrations of Microthemer

WordPress Builder Integrations of Microthemer - Screenshot - Toolonomy
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Microthemer has deep integration with major page builders, which means that it works seamlessly with these page builders, allowing users to effortlessly modify the style of their website while working within the page builder's interface.

It also provides shallow integration with other page builders, which implies that Microthemer may be used to modify the design of a website created using these builders, but the integration is not as smooth as with the page builders listed under "deep integration."

Changes performed using Microthemer may not instantly update inside the page builder's interface, requiring the user to navigate between tabs to view the updates.

Deep integration with popular page builders:

Shallow integration with other page builders:

Pricing Structure of Microthemer

According to the information on the Microthemer website, the pricing structure for the plugin as of January 2023 is as follows:

It offers a range of price packages to meet your needs, whether you own a single site or are a developer with numerous sites.

  1. Single Plans: For a single site, you can select between a yearly membership for $49 and a one-time purchase of $125 for a lifetime license. The yearly membership offers one year of free upgrades, while the lifetime license includes lifelong upgrades.
  2. Standard Plans: For several sites, you may select between an annual membership for $99 or a one-time price of $249 for a lifetime license. The yearly membership offers one year of free upgrades, while the lifetime license includes lifelong upgrades.
  3. Developer Plans: For developers, there are different possibilities; a $199 yearly membership or a $499 one-time cost for a lifetime license. The yearly membership offers one year of free upgrades, while the lifetime license includes upgrades for life. You may also opt for a $19.99 monthly membership that includes continual improvements.

Overall, Microthemer provides a variety of licensing packages to meet your requirements and budget, making CSS customization of your WordPress site easier.

PROS of Microthemer

Discover the benefits of utilizing Microthemer in order to understand why you should choose it for your WordPress projects.

Point-and-Click Visual CSS Editor

Point-and-Click Visual CSS Editor - Microthemer Screenshot - Toolonomy
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Microthemer's point-and-click visual CSS editing capability is one of its primary advantages. This signifies that you can simply change the appearance of your website without needing to write code.

Instead, you may leverage the user-friendly interface to identify and design the elements you wish to style with a variety of tools and controls.

This makes it ideal for folks who are unfamiliar with coding or who just prefer to save time by embracing a more intuitive approach to website styling.

The point-and-click visual CSS editing capability is especially useful for individuals new to web design since it helps them to develop a sense of how different styles interact with one another and how they may be utilized to build aesthetically appealing designs.

Overall, this function elevates Microthemer to the status of a powerful and user-friendly tool for customizing the look and feel of your website.

Flexible Pricing Options

Flexible Pricing Options - Microthemer Screenshot - Toolonomy
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One of the primary benefits of using Microthemer is the plethora of price options offered. The tool offers several plans to satisfy demands and budgets, including annual, monthly, and lifetime options.

This indicates that you can select the plan that best suits your needs and budget, whether you wish to pay upfront for a longer time frame or subscribe on a yearly or monthly basis.

Furthermore, the tool provides a free light edition that allows potential customers like you to test out the tool's foundational functionalities before committing to a premium subscription. This flexibility makes it simple for people to get started with Microthemer to design their website.

Free Lite Version

Microthemer Lite - Featured Screenshot - Toolonomy
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One of the huge advantages of Microthemer is that it provides a free light version, allowing you to test the plugin and determine whether it suits your needs before committing to a paid plan.

This is ideal for people on a tight budget or who just want to try out the plugin before investing in it. You may access a limited set of features and make basic design changes to your website using the lite version.

However, you could switch to a premium plan if you want access to more advanced features and the opportunity to make more complex customizations.

Good Customer Support & Engaging Community

Engaging Community - Microthemer Screenshot - Toolonomy
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One of the most notable benefits of using Microthemer is the high quality of customer assistance it offers. The developers are extremely attentive to client inquiries and concerns, and they go above and beyond to ensure that consumers are happy with the product.

Additionally, Microthemer has an active and involved user community group on Facebook that is enthusiastic to exchange tips and tricks, give assistance, and provide feedback to help the product evolve.

Whether you're new to this tool or an experienced user, you'll be able to get the help and assistance from the team and the community you need to get the most out of the tool.

Reuse Styles with Custom Class

Microthemer allows you to effortlessly reuse and apply styles across different pages and articles on your WordPress website. This is super useful for folks who want to apply a consistent style to specified groups of pages.

To use this functionality, you just need to create a new class in Micrometer and apply it to the necessary pages. The styles assigned with the custom class will then be applied to those pages, saving you time and effort in designing different pages separately.

This function is simple to use and may drastically boost the efficiency of customizing a WordPress website, making it a crucial functionality.

Dev/Staging Domain Is Uncountable

If you want to use Microthemer to customize your website on a development or staging domain, it will not count against your license's permitted sites.

This is an excellent option for people who wish to test the tool on a separate domain before installing it on their public website.

This flexibility could be incredibly beneficial for web developers and designers who often work on numerous websites.

CONS of Microthemer

Explore the negative aspects of Microthemer since they will help you realize why this tool is not ideal for your needs if you are not comfortable with these drawbacks.

May Require Some Coding Knowledge

One potential drawback of using Microthemer is that it may require some CSS and HTML understanding to get the most out of it.

While the plugin is created to be user-friendly and simple to use for folks with little to no coding knowledge, some advanced features and adjustments may involve a relatively basic familiarity with these languages.

This might be a problem for those who are brand-new to coding or don't want to spend time studying the technicalities of CSS and HTML.

However, on the other hand, it could be a powerful tool for customizing the style and appearance of a website for people who are willing to invest the time and effort to learn these languages or who already possess some coding skills.

And Microthemer can function as a learning aid for individuals who genuinely wish to learn.

Limited Support for Some Page Builders

Using Microthemer with WordPress builders with minimal support may be challenging since the integration might not be as seamless as with page builders with deep integration.

This may require users to manually check Microthemer adjustments in a new browser tab if it doesn't appear inside the page builder's interface, possibly slowing down workflow.

Therefore, this might be annoying for users looking for a solution that integrates seamlessly with their preferred page builder.

Although even if it's not visible under the same page builder editor you're using, still it's just a tab away to check the implemented changes using Microthemer.

However, I believe the team may end up adding more page builder support seamlessly based on market demand.

Therefore, before making a purchase, think about if the level of integration with your website builder is sufficient for your purposes.

FAQs of Microthemer

Explore the frequently asked questions and their answers about Microthemer to learn more about this powerful visual CSS editing tool.

Does Microthemer offer a free version?

Yes, Microthemer provides a free Lite edition that allows users to make style changes to the first 15 selections but excludes a few PRO functionalities. This version allows users to try out Microthemer's capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

How does Microthemer work?

Microthemer is a WordPress plugin that allows users to modify the look and feel of their website with point-and-click interfaces and no coding skills. It works by generating an additional stylesheet named active-styles.css, which the browser uses instead of the theme's styles. This ensures that if you change your theme, your Microthemer styles will stay intact.

Does Microthemer require any coding knowledge to use?

Yes, Microthemer was created with non-programmers in mind. It has an easy-to-use interface with point-and-click tools, allowing anybody to customize the appearance of their website. However, understanding HTML and CSS can help you use Microthemer more efficiently.

How does Microthemer work with different WordPress builders?

Microthemer integrates deeply with major WordPress builders such as Elementor, Beaver, and Oxygen Builder, allowing users to effortlessly adjust the appearance of their website while working within the page builder's interface. It also supports shallow integration with other page builders including Bricks, Zion, Divi, Brizy, and WP Page Builder, however, the integration may not be as seamless as with the builders that have deep integration.

Does Microthemer offer any money-back guarantee?

Yes, Microthemer guarantees a 30-day money-back guarantee on all paid plans. If you decide that this product is not suitable for you, you can make a refund request within 30 days of your purchase.


Microthemer is a robust tool that allows you to effortlessly customize the appearance of your WordPress website using CSS without having to know any code.

Its point-and-click visual CSS editor makes it simple for us to create stunning and responsive designs, and its integration with major page builders makes modifying our websites even smoother.

Microthemer's extensive designing tools and features enable users to customize their website to their exact needs completely. The flexible pricing choices and the availability of a free light edition make it affordable to customers of all economic levels.

Moreover, the customer service and active community are exceptional, providing users with the assistance they require to get the most out of the product.

However, certain users may need some coding knowledge to properly leverage Microthemer's capabilities, and support for several website builders may be limited.

Overall, Microthemer is a game-changing visual CSS editor, so if you want to effortlessly tweak your WordPress website you must check it out.

Also if you're interested in some awesome tools to generate CSS designs such as patterns, textures, gradients, layouts, and icons then must check our other post that contains a list of such tools.

In the end, if you think this review is worthwhile, then consider sharing it with your community and colleagues. Also, if you have any questions or concerns regarding this tool, then feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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