Hydrogen Pack Review: Best Oxygen Swiss Knife Alternative

If you just started using Oxygen recently and you feel that there are a few crucial things that seem to be missing in this WordPress website builder, then let me tell you that Hydrogen Pack is your final destination to fill those void left by Oxygen.
Mohammed Wasim Akram
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Last Updated: November 11, 2020
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If you just started using Oxygen recently and you feel that there are a few crucial things that seem to be missing in this WordPress Website Builder, then let me tell you that the Hydrogen Pack is your final destination to fill those voids left by Oxygen.

When I came from the Elementor background and started using Oxygen I immediately understood that this piece of the tool has huge potential but at this moment some very crucial functionalities are still unavailable.

And then after a few weeks, I found Hydrogen Pack which became the essential part of each of my Oxygen installations from the day I purchased it.

I don't prefer using most 3rd Party Add-Ons

To be honest with you I would say that I never want to rely on any 3rd party add-on due to multiple reasons, and for that reason even when I used to build websites using Elementor I always pushed myself to accomplish things using only the pro version and not any other 3rd party add-on.

Actually, my reasons for not relying on 3rd party add-ons could make a standalone blog post but still, I would want to share my points as briefly as I can.

  • If a 3rd party add-on blends with the original plugin's features like elements and you have to heavily depend on it then removing that plugin could easily break your website which is a risky game that I wouldn't want to play.
  • If due to any reason the developers stop working and abandoned the product (just like OxyPower Pack is doing currently), then for sure, it will bring incompatibility issues with time when and if the original plugin gets updated regularly.

Therefore, if you are using any 3rd party plugin that offers elements that you are using to build a particular feature then never remove that plugin to keep your site working properly.

However, you should always purchase those kinds of 3rd party addons from a well-established company or developers with a good track record and I assure you that you would always find some add-ons that can be trusted without any doubt.

Here is the ultimate list of free and paid Oxygen add-ons that I have put together: https://syncwin.com/oxygen-builder-addons/

I would always trust whatever Add-ons Sridhar Katakam and Abdelouahed Errouaguy develop because they are very reliable and have good track records so I trust them.

Sridhar is the developer of Oxy ToolBox which is my second favorite Oxygen add-on and Abdel is the developer of Hydrogen pack, Advanced Scripts, and Oxygen Attributes and I own each of them.

Similarly, you could always find some reliable developers whom you can trust so consider doing your due diligence before buying any 3rd party add-on.

Why do I love the Hydrogen Pack Add-On?

What I love about Hydrogen Pack is that even though it's a very essential add-on and I install it on every single website still I can safely deactivate and remove the plugin without breaking my websites because it helps me build sites faster yet my ready sites are not dependent on it.

And that is the reason I have no problem using the Hydrogen Pack add-on as you could simply remove it whenever you want and your site would be intact.

Hydrogen Pack is not a plugin that provides a bunch of elements but it is a tool that enhances the back-end capabilities of Oxygen by providing multiple very powerful and useful features that are currently missing in the Oxygen core.

Features you get with Hydrogen Pack

Features in Hydrogen Pack seem very limited based on how it is mentioned on their website, but let me clear to you that each feature of this tool is a combination of multiple sub-features that you are going to understand only when you start using it.

To be very honest the developer behind this mindblowing tool is a very talented and ethical web developer I have seen who also works for Soflyy the parent company of Oxygen Builder.

But he really needs someone who can correctly market his product because even if you have the best product in the world still if you don't know how to market it in the right way, then no one is going to understand the value of your product.

The same thing applies to the Hydrogen pack which is a very high potential and is the best tool as compared to the other available Oxygen addons in my opinion, but it is not well marketed to its actual potential.

Despite that currently, this tool is loved by hundreds of Oxygen users because they know its worth. Also, in my opinion, it completes Oxygen by adding some crucial features that should be in the core of Oxygen so I can't even think of using Oxygen without installing Hydrogen Pack on my websites.

However, I am not going to waste your time explaining each feature in this post but if you want to learn more about these features then consider checking the official website of Hydrogen Pack.

Here are the main features of Hydrogen Pack as mentioned on their website;

  • Copy Elements
  • Copy Styles
  • Right-Click Menu
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Sandbox Mode
  • Structure Panel Width
  • Compact Mode
  • Element Icons
  • Disable Edit Locking

Unique features of Hydrogen Pack

I always love to pick and mention some unique features of the products I write a review for, but in this case, I have nothing to say in this section as all the features that Hydrogen provides aren't general and are already pretty unique in their own way.

PROS of Hydrogen Pack

There are so many PROS you could find in Hydrogen Pack that make our life really easier as Oxygen users and here are a few of them that I think are the best and really useful for web creators like us.

Copy & Paste element, section & even CSS Styles

Hydrogen Pack Review: Best Oxygen Swiss Knife Alternative • SyncWin
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You could copy an element or an entire section and even CSS styles from one website to any other website. If you build websites for clients then you are going to love this feature because it will allow you to literally copy the exact designs and paste that to any other website if it has Oxygen and Hydrogen installed and enabled.

Right-click the menu with a bunch of shortcuts

Hydrogen Pack Right Click Menu Image - SyncWin
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Oh, man! this right-click menu is a holy grail and you will find a lot of customization options just at your fingertip. It has some very useful shortcuts like Duplicate, Copy, Paste, Make Reusable, Wrap with Div, Wrap with Link Wrapper etcetera that you can use to achieve things very quickly.

Keyboard shortcuts with a lot of Custom Hotkeys

Hydrogen Pack Hotkeys Image - SyncWin
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Again this feature alone is worth the money you are going to invest in this tool as it offers 60+ fully customizable hotkeys to help you build websites faster than ever with Oxygen.

Sandbox mode to make changes on the site without affecting the live site

Sandbox Mode in Hydrogen Image - SyncWin
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This feature is a true lifesaver, it will help you make changes on a particular page and share it with your clients without making any changes to the existing design until you publish the sandbox.

Disable Edit Locking to work on Multiple Pages at the same time

Although it seems like a tiny feature, still it's a real timesaver because there are certain situations when you want to edit multiple pages at the same time when this feature could be really beneficial.

Pricing is a One-Time payment & very affordable

This product with all the powerful features in the current pricing is a total no-brainer as you wouldn't get any tool even with similar features in just a one-time payment of 59 bucks for lifetime updates, support, and unlimited site installation.

Support is very helpful & responsive even on their Facebook Group

Support is the major factor to analyze if the product you are using is worth your investment or not, therefore I always try to find out how is the support of the product I am planning to purchase.

Now if you ask me about the support for Hydrogen Pack then I would say it's just amazing because first of all, 99% of the time you are not going to need any support for this product.

Secondly, if you face any difficulty using the product then you could just post it to their Clean Plugins Official Facebook Group and people will help you, or most of the time the developer will jump into the discussion to solve your problem on the spot as he is very responsive and helpful.

CONS of Hydrogen Pack

Although it's very hard to find CONS in this perfectly crafted tool still, I dug deeper to find a few that are minor yet worth sharing with the hope that the developers look into them and do the needful.

Proper documentation required

It has been a while now since this plugin was launched but till now we don't have any documentation even though I know how to use it still, some people might need proper documentation to leverage the power of this tool properly.

Copy paste using right click on the structure panel

You can copy and paste elements by selecting any section, div, or element on the editor window but it is not possible to directly select a section, div, or element from the structure panel and paste the element directly from there using the right-click window.

However, you could simply use CTRL+V for Windows and COMMAND+V for MAC to paste it while selecting items from the structure panel.

Right-Click paste doesn't work on a blank screen

When you create a new page and want to paste your already copied clipboard on that blank canvas, then the right-click paste will not appear until you add a section to the canvas.

However, again you could use CTRL+V for Windows and COMMAND+V for MAC to paste it even on the blank canvas.

Sandbox quick access from Oxygen Editor

Using Sandbox seems time-consuming for me because every time I need to activate Sandbox from the backend and once I push the changes to the live site it automatically gets deactivated.

It would be a great timesaver if we get the sandbox access right from the Oxygen editor window to save us from doing the same task back and forth.

Structure panel element reordering

It would be great if Hydrogen Pack would have an easy-to-use reordering option to drag and drop the structure panel element or just add UP (↑), DOWN (↓), RIGHT (→) & LEFT (←) ARROWS just like the WordPress native menu offers in the customizer to reordering the elements in the structure panel with ease.

Menu Reorder Options in WordPress - Image - SyncWin
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PS. Actually, this is the CON of Oxygen Builder and not Hydrogen Pack yet I am sharing it here because who knows if Hydrogen addresses this issue and does something about it.


In this review post, I have tried my best to share my experiences and observations with you guys regarding the much-appreciated plugin Hydrogen Pack add-on for Oxygen Builder.

However, I would repeat that if you're still on the fence about grabbing this awesome add-on, then don't wait and just purchase it as soon as you can because it will save you a lot of time and energy while building websites with Oxygen which you could use somewhere else.

I hope you like this post and if that is the case, then feel free to share your feedback in the comment box, and also consider sharing this post with your friends and community to help them learn about this powerful Oxygen add-on Hydrogen Pack.

Thank you for visiting our website syncwin.com.

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