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OpenAI GPT-4 Overview: The Future of Generative AI & MLLMs

Discover the incredible GPT-4, a groundbreaking development in AI. Explore how this revolutionary technology is transforming the future of machine learning language models (MLLMs). Uncover the limitless potential and exciting possibilities that GPT-4 brings to the table.
Mohammed Wasim Akram
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Last Updated: May 4, 2023
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Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4 (GPT-4) is a cutting-edge language model developed by OpenAI. It was released in March 2023 and is the latest model in the GPT series.

GPT-4 is a powerful AI system that can understand and generate both text and images. It has undergone extensive training using large amounts of data, including books and other sources, and has been fine-tuned with human and AI feedback to ensure accuracy and compliance.

GPT-4 offers significant improvements over its predecessor, GPT-3.5. It has a larger context window, allowing it to understand and process more information at once.

Additionally, GPT-4 is a multimodal model, meaning it can analyze and generate both text and images. This capability enables it to describe images, summarize text from screenshots, and even answer questions that include diagrams.

To provide more control over its output, OpenAI introduced the concept of a "system message" for GPT-4. This allows users to specify the desired tone of voice and task for the model.

For example, it can be instructed to respond in rhyming, Shakespearean prose or to format its responses in a specific structure, such as JSON.

GPT-4 has demonstrated remarkable aptitude on standardized tests, such as the SAT, LSAT, and Uniform Bar Exam. It has also shown promise in medical applications, outperforming previous models and fine-tuned medical knowledge models in solving medical problems.

Despite its advancements, GPT-4 has some limitations. It can sometimes generate information that is not accurate or contradicts the user's prompt.

The model lacks transparency in its decision-making process, making it challenging to verify its logic. There are also concerns about biases inherited from training data and cognitive biases in its responses.

OpenAI has been cautious about disclosing technical details, including the model's size and architecture, citing safety implications and competitive landscape considerations. The cost of training GPT-4 is estimated to be over $100 million, and there are claims that the model has 1 trillion parameters.

While GPT-4 has received positive feedback for its improved performance, there have been concerns about its safety and the potential risks associated with AI development. Some experts have called for a pause in training more powerful AI models due to these concerns.

OpenAI has taken steps to mitigate risks and ensure alignment with human values through adversarial testing and feedback from researchers.

GPT-4 has been integrated into various applications, such as ChatGPT Plus, Duolingo for language learning, and Microsoft Bing's chatbot feature. However, there have been reports of unexpected behavior and limitations in these implementations.

Overall, GPT-4 represents a significant advancement in AI technology, with enhanced capabilities for generating and understanding text and images. However, there are ongoing discussions and concerns about its safety, biases, and transparency.

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