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Fusebase (Formerly Nimbus Note) Review: Business Manager

In this article, I am going to share with you my honest review of Nimbus Note based on my research and personal experience, where you will learn about all the main features, advantages, and disadvantages of Nimbus Note, which will help you to decide whether you should buy this tool or not.
Mohammed Ishan Akram
Blog Post Author
Last Updated: January 30, 2023
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If you are looking for the best yet affordable note-taking cum business management tool then you are in the right place, as here I am going to share with you my honest review of Nimbus Note which became very popular amongst the creator community when Evernote changed their business model and their user didn't liked the changes.

So they started looking for another tool and found that Nimbus Note is very similar to Evernote so they started to shift to it. We also purchased this tool back in 2020, when it was available as a lifetime deal on AppSumo, So we bought it to use it for both our personal and professional use.

Now without taking any more time, let's start the review.

Nimbus Note Introduction

Nimbus Note is more than a note-taking tool it helps you to manage your notes, documents, pdfs and more in an organized manner. You can use it from any corner of the globe on any device you want and type in whatever ideas are coming to your mind. You can even use it to manage your business workflow by appointing tasks to your team members and keeping track of them.

Apart from using it as a business tool, you can also create your own personal workspace where you can write your important notes, use it for journaling for getting clarity of thoughts, or manage your day-to-day life by creating a to-do list of the things that you should complete by the end of that day for becoming more productive.

It is founded by Pavel Sher, and its office is situated in Ohio, United State. Actually, Nimbus is the parent company and under it three products they are selling. Nimbus Note, Nimbus Threads, and Nimbus Capture but in this article I will only talk about Nimbus Note.

I really liked Pavel's vision of Nimbus Note as before creating this review, I watched some of his interviews where he told that he want to make Nimbus Note a community-driven product and he always hear his community members' feedback on what features they wanted which helps Pavel and Nimbus team to identify what people need instead of doing the guesswork of what they want.

Resources for Nimbus Note

Discover the most essential Nimbus Note resources you'll need while working with this tool.

Main Features

  • Unlimited Notes: This feature is not available for free users but as for pro users when it comes to taking notes you don't have to worry about any limitations when taking notes, no matter how many notes you want to take, it will never put any restrictions on you.
  • Workspaces: It is one of the best features which Nimbus Note has it allows you to create different workspaces which means a totally different place for managing another business, you can add different team members in different workspaces, and By default, you will get your personal workspace where you can manage your personal notes.
  • Task Management: It is a recently added feature, it helps you to manage your and your business tasks easily. You can easily create a task list and assign tasks to your specific team members, you can even add labels and time to tasks to prioritize what tasks are important that your team members should complete first. And you can easily keep an eye on them whether they completed it on time or not.
  • Chatting Feature: It is also a recently added feature and its amazing with it you and your team members can easily communicate inside the chat page of Nimbus Note, it removes the gap of confusion if any of your team members don't understand something they can simply ask it in the team chat box. It allows teams to communicate with each other on specific projects and how they can accomplish their goal.
  • Nested Folders: I don't think that you don't know it but just like other note-taking applications it allows you to create specific folders and under that folder, you can create specific notes so that nothing gets cluttered with each other.
  • Tags: This is also one of the features that helps you to find specific things from Nimbus Note if you used Evernote then you may already know how to use it. It does not matter in which folder your notes are if you will use tags to find them then all the notes that are attached to that tag will get summoned.
  • Nimbus Clipper: If you are an Evernote user then you might be waiting for this feature, Yes it is the same as Evernote Clipper it helps you to clip images and specific parts from any website which you may find interesting. The best thing is even a free user can use it.
  • Nimbus Clarity: It is one of the best features of Nimbus Note as it allows you to record your computer screen, which can be used for creating step-by-step tutorials of a certain product or you can even use it to record the changes you want on a project and send it to your team which makes clear for them what are the things they need to fix.
  • Blur Sensitive Info: You can also blur sensitive parts from your video and can use arrows, text, and voiceovers to create perfect explanation videos, the quality of the video is fully customizable, which means you don't have to compromise anything.

Pricing Structure of Nimbus Note

Till now you got a clear understanding of what is Nimbus Note and what are its main features, its time to discuss its pricing, it comes with two different pricing plans, pro, and business but the business plan also has separate pricing plans as lifetime deals.

Pro Plan: The pro plan costs $6 per month if you buy it on annual bases otherwise it costs $8 per month, it provides a lot of features for personal and professional use cases which include Unlimited Notes, Unlimited Video & Audio Recording, Image Recognition, Search in Images and Docs, Weekly Server Backups, Export to PDF, and More.

Business Plan: The Business plan costs $8 per month if you will buy it on annual bases otherwise it costs $10 per month, it offers you almost all same features with some extra ones like features Unlimited workspaces, White label solutions, CNAME (Custom Domain), Internal branding, External branding, Client accounts, Custom SMTP and a lot more.

Lifetime Business Plans: I don't think that I need to tell the lifetime plans pricing individually as they all have the same features of the business plan but their pricings are different based on how many users you want to use as your team. The first plan comes with 5 users which costs you $1499, the second plan comes with 10 users which costs $2499, and lastly, the final plan comes with 20 users which costs $4499 now it's on you which one of them you want to purchase.

PROS of Nimbus Note

Here are some of the benefits which I found really helpful about Nimbus Note, and these are the reasons why you should consider Nimbus Note instead of other note-taking tools.

Content Organization

With it, organizing content is very easy, As you can easily write anything just by opening Nimbus Note on your mobile phone or desktop and write whatever ideas come to your mind or whatever tasks you want to assign to your team members easily while chilling with your friends.

Offline Mode

This is one of the best features I found on Nimbus Note till now on Evernote you also get this feature but that is only available on their premium plan. Sometimes when there is no balance in our phone or places where the internet doesn't work properly, you will find this feature very helpful.


It is my personal preference that I love using dark mode and I know many of you are like me, as it is very comfortable for eyes while working, so if you are a dark mode lover then the feature is for you.

Powerful Filtering

If you take lots of notes then it might become difficult for you to find something important after a few months but with Nimbus note's powerful filtering feature you don't need to worry about it as you can easily find that piece of note from the search bar, or in case if you didn't remember the headline, you can use tags to find them.

Screen Recording

With its Nimbus Clarity feature, it allows you to create step-by-step guides on how to use a product or for explaining to your team members what mistakes they should correct, it is an awesome feature and you will like it.


It comes with many templates with different use cases no matter what your needs are whether you need a meeting notes template on what are the main points that you should consider writing or need a customer testimonial template to have more clarity in the mind of what are the best feedbacks you can use to gain the trust of your prospects it provides everything to satisfy your needs.

Post Interconnection

This is also one of the features that I found helpful as it allows you to connect one post to another just by using the @ sign it is really helpful when you need a particular post to be mentioned on a post at that moment you will find this feature helpful.


By shortcut I mean you can use any block you want inside Nimbus Note just by using the / sign whether you want a task board, task list, embedding links, headings, video recording, or more, it will show you all of them that you can use with a single click.

CONS of Nimbus Note

I shared with you all the positive things about Nimbus Note, Now its time to share with you some of the its drawbacks.

Mobile App is Slow

The app is very good and supports almost all the features that the desktop version has but the main problem is it is very slow, as in urgent moments when I need to take notes quickly, it becomes very difficult as it sometimes shows loading for minutes, they need to focus on this and fix it as soon as possible.

Not Unlimited Notes on Free Version

Its free version only allows to take only 30 notes, which I think is problematic as in Evernote there is no such limitation and even free users can take unlimited notes, Nimbus Note team should think about it, and if they don't want to allow people to take unlimited notes on their free version than at least they should increase the limit.

Alternative Products

Here are the two most famous alternative products of Nimbus Note, and you might already be heard about them but let me give you a quick overview of these tools.


Evernote is an all-in-one note-taking tool that is very famous among big businesses and entrepreneurs for taking notes and organizing their projects quickly. It helps you to remember everything you need so that you don't have to worry about anything, it comes with many features which include Web Clipper, App integrations, calendar, Document Scanner, Task List, and more.


Notion is also a great note-taking tool that also provides you with many workspaces based on your need. I personally use Notion for my personal works like for writing my video script, and journaling as I like its interface. It also provides you with lots of ready-to-use templates like Sales Wiki, Sales CRM, Product FAQ, and more.

Its interface is not the same as Nimbus Note and Evernote but the functionalities are almost the same, here are some of the features of Notion, Collaborative Workspace, Unlimited Blocks for Individuals, 7 Day Page History, Guest Collaborators, and more.


So this was my honest review of Nimbus Note, where I discussed what is Nimbus Note, what are its main features, and the positive and negative things I found in this tool. Hopefully, after reading this review it might become clear to you whether you should buy this tool or not. If yes, then my whole purpose of writing this review is accomplished.

So if you found this review helpful then make sure to share it with your friends and colleagues whom you think might need to read it before purchasing it. Also if you have any questions or thoughts about it, then consider sharing them in the comment section below we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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