Font Hero Review: Best No-Code WordPress Font Manager Plugin

Font Hero is a robust WordPress plugin that enables users to effortlessly add any static and variable fonts to their sites without any coding knowledge. It has an easy-to-use interface that lets users fine-tune the font weight and style. Also, it allows self-hosting fonts to boost website performance while complying with GDPR to protect visitors' privacy. This tool works with a wide range of WordPress builders and themes.
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Last Updated: January 5, 2023
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If you're searching for a simple solution to add custom fonts to your WordPress website that does not require any technical coding knowledge, then look no further than Font Hero, the best and most powerful WordPress no-code font management plugin.

In this article, I am going to share my review and opinion of Font Hero to help you figure out why this tool is perfect for your WordPress font management needs.

And also I will cover different aspects of this plugin to help you make an informed decision based on that useful information.

Introduction of Font Hero

Font Hero is a WordPress plugin that makes it simple to add self-hosted, static, and variable fonts to your website without any technical skills. It's easy to use and has a beautiful user interface with the possibility to fine-tune each font weight.

It allows you to self-host your fonts for better performance and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance which helps to prevent the leak of personal information through the use of Google Fonts CDN.

You may also utilize the native WordPress media uploader to add or replace font files, and you can choose the font family and font weight to preload them on your site.

The plugin also supports variable fonts, which enable the definition of several font styles in a single file, reducing file size and boosting page load speed.

It is compatible with any WordPress theme or visual builders, such as Oxygen Builder, Bricks Builder, and Gutenberg.

The best part is that it is located in the Tools menu and adds no further clutter to the WordPress admin menu structure.

Also, it includes a collection of professionally crafted ready-to-use font pairs in addition to the plugin to assist customers to bring a personalized touch to their website.

Font Hero was created by the most brilliant developers from the DPlugins team, a company committed to solving problems for WordPress professionals.

The DPlugins Team has hard-working and talented members including:

  • Marko Krstić - Owner of DPlugins
  • Muhammad Osama - Co-Founder
  • Joshua Gugun Siagian - Co-Founder
  • Milen Grigorov - Supporter
  • Udoro 'Cracka' Essien - Tutor & Senior Product Designer

The company has multiple problem-solving products in its portfolio including:

Resources for Font Hero

Find out the most important resources related to Font Hero that you're going to need while working with this tool.

Main Features of Font Hero

Explore the key features of Font Hero to determine whether or not you require this solution for your business.

  • No Code Graphical Interface: Font Hero enables users to simply add self-hosted, static, and variable fonts to their WordPress website without requiring any technical skills. The plugin includes a graphical interface with options for fine-tuning each font weight.
  • GDPR Compliance: Using Google Fonts CDN may result in user data being disclosed as personal information, which might also result in GDPR violations. So to overcome this situation and enforce compliance, this tool allows users to self-host fonts.
  • Easy Font File Management: It allows users to add or replace font files via WordPress's native media uploader, making it simple to update fonts without the need for external file managers or FTP tools.
  • Variable Font Support: Multiple font styles can be set in a single file using variable fonts, which significantly reduce file size and enhance website speed.
  • No WordPress Menu Bloat: Because Font Hero is a submenu in the Tools menu, it won't be in direct competition with other tools that users could use more regularly.
  • Dark and Light Themes: It offers both a light and dark theme for higher contrast and to preserve your eyes for a lengthy period.
  • Ready-Made Font Pairings: It offers professionally crafted font pairings with three different font families in each set, which can help users add variety and design to their websites.
  • Font Fine-Tuning Options: With this tool, you have total control over your fonts. You can customize font weights, font families, and font display options to get the style and feel you want for your website.
  • Font Preload Option: You can prevent the irritating "font swap" effect that occasionally occurs when a page is first loaded if you enable the option to preload fonts in Font Hero.
  • Multiple Font Formats Compatibility: It supports Woff, Woff2, and TTF font files, providing you flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of fonts.
  • System Font Support: Font Hero allows users to incorporate system fonts into their website design, providing them with even more possibilities for personalizing the appearance of their website.
  • Disabling the Google Fonts API: This tool allows you to disable the Google Fonts API, which can significantly reduce page load time and enhance speed. Additionally, the plugin has a function that lets you disable Google Fonts in Elementor, a famous WordPress website builder.

Integrations of Font Hero

Font Hero works with a variety of popular WordPress builders and themes, which enables you to simply add unique fonts to your website while using your favorite builder or theme without requiring any technical skills or extra tools.

Font Hero is compatible with the following tools:

  • Oxygen Builder: Because of its flexibility and ease of use, this visual site builder is popular among WordPress users. Font Hero allows you to simply add unique fonts to your Oxygen-built website without any code.
  • Bricks Builder: Bricks is another popular visual builder that allows users to create personalized, pixel-perfect graphics by combining pre-designed elements. You can use Font Hero to add custom fonts to your Bricks-built website without coding.
  • Gutenberg: This is WordPress's default editor, which allows users to build content using blocks. Font Hero is Gutenberg-compatible, making it simple to add custom fonts to your website without any programming.
  • Any WordPress Theme: Font Hero may be combined with any WordPress theme, whether pre-designed or custom-built.

Overall, the integrations provided by Font Hero make it a handy and easy solution for adding custom fonts to your WordPress website.

Pricing Structure of Font Hero

According to the information on the Font Hero website, the pricing structure for the plugin as of January 2023 is as follows:

  1. Starter Plan: The starter package costs $10 and allows customers to use Font Hero on a single website. It includes lifetime upgrades, documentation, monthly new features, and limitless support.
  2. Agency Plan: The agency package costs $30 and allows customers to utilize Font Hero on three active websites. It offers the same benefits as the Starter plan.
  3. Ultimate Plan: The Ultimate package costs $50 and allows customers to utilize Font Hero on an unlimited number of websites. It offers the same benefits as the Starter and Agency programs.

It is worth mentioning that all plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test the plugin and receive a full refund if you are unhappy.

PROS of Font Hero

Discover the benefits of Font Hero and the reasons why you should consider utilizing it for your WordPress projects.

No Code Custom Font Setup

No Code Custom Font Setup - Font Hero Screenshot - Toolonomy
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Manually setting up custom fonts on your website may be a big pain, especially if you don't know how to code. Font Hero comes in very handy here.

Without any technical knowledge, you can quickly add self-hosted, static, and variable fonts to your WordPress site with this plugin.

Furthermore, the plugin provides a user-friendly interface with options for fine-tuning each font-weight, providing you even more control over the appearance of your site. Customizing the fonts on your website is a breeze with this powerful tool.

Beautifully Crafted Pre-Made Font Pairs

Pre-Made Font Pairs - Font Hero Screenshot - Toolonomy
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Font Hero is here to help you add a touch of uniqueness and flavor to your website. This plugin provides several well-crafted font pairs that may enhance your website to the next level.

Each set has three different font families, giving you lots of options for emphasizing subheadings and adding rich styles to your content.

What's more, the coolest part? You don't need any technical skills to use these fonts; this plugin makes it simple to add custom fonts to your website with a few clicks.

Protect You From GDPR Penalties

Protect You From GDPR Penalties - Font Hero Screenshot - Toolonomy
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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of laws designed to safeguard the personal data of users. When you utilize Google Fonts CDN (Content Delivery Network), user identification as personal information may be exposed.

This is problematic since, under GDPR law, you might be penalized if you are discovered to be exposing personal information.

Font Hero allows users to self-host fonts on their own websites to avoid this problem. This ensures that the font files are hosted on the user's server rather than provided by a third-party service such as Google.

Therefore, by self-hosting fonts, you as a website owner may verify that your website is GDPR-compliant and avoid any potential penalties.

Improved Website Performance

Using self-hosted fonts instead of Google Fonts CDN can significantly enhance your website's performance.

It allows you to fine-tune your font display options, such as font swap, block, or fallback, using Font Hero to ensure a smooth and seamless user experience.

You can also utilize the plugin to preload certain fonts and font weights, which can assist to minimize the "nasty font swap" that occurs when a website initially loads.

It also lets you create a quicker and more delightful experience for your website visitors by optimizing the fonts for performance.

Effortless Font Updates Without SFTP Tools

When you're using Font Hero, you don't need to use complicated SFTP programs or tools to update your fonts. You can instead utilize WordPress's native media uploader for this purpose, which is familiar and simple to use for everyone.

This allows you to easily modify or replace font files on your website without requiring any technical knowledge or effort as you can do it inside WordPress with Font Hero.

Themes for Every Preference

Font Hero is amazing since it provides alternative themes for individuals who have different preferences.

You can choose the light theme if you like a brighter, more contrasting interface. The dark theme, on the other hand, might be a better choice if you work at night or wish to protect your eyes during long periods of computer use.

This tool makes it simple for everyone to utilize the plugin with comfort and convenience by providing both possibilities.

Works With Most Themes & Builders

If you use a different page builder or theme on your WordPress website, you'll be relieved to hear that Font Hero is compatible with a variety of options.

This means you can utilize the plugin to simply add custom fonts to your website regardless of technology. This flexibility is ideal for folks who want to customize the appearance and feel of their website without being restricted by the capabilities of their builder or theme.

You'll also have all the resources you need to get started with Font Hero on your website, thanks to video tutorials by the DPlugins team.

Highly Supportive & Engaging Community

Font Hero has an active and helpful Facebook community. The team and other members are always ready to answer queries and offer assistance.

This group is a valuable resource for anyone using Font Hero since you can get insights and assistance from other users.

Furthermore, the team is active in the community and often releases updates and new features, so you can stay up to date on the newest developments.

Overall, the DPlugins community is a fantastic resource for anybody searching for help and advice.

CONS of Font Hero

Explore the downsides of Font Hero as they will help you understand why this tool is not appropriate for your needs if you are not comfortable with these drawbacks.

No Public Roadmap Exist

One potential disadvantage of Font Hero is that its roadmap is not publicly available, thus you may not be aware of what updates or new features are in the development for the plugin.

While the team does share updates and new features on Facebook, this information may not be as easily accessible or clear as a publicly visible roadmap.

This lack of insight into the plugin's future development may be a cause of concern for users who rely on it and want to guarantee it will continue to be updated and maintained. However, the company's track record is excellent, and the founder is a well-known and trusted figure.

No Free Version Available

One potential downside of Font Hero is that there is no free light version available, which implies that users must pay for the plugin in order to try it out, even if they are just testing it.

This may be a barrier for some users like you, especially if you're unwilling to commit to a premium plugin without first testing it.

Furthermore, without a free version, potential customers may be unable to evaluate the plugin's functionality and decide whether it suits their needs before making a purchase. However, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers who are dissatisfied with the plugin.

No Documentation is Available (Yet)

One disadvantage of choosing Font Hero is that there is currently no written documentation available, which means if you purchase this plugin you may have to rely on video tutorials or community help to learn how to utilize the plugin as a result.

While the Font Hero team has promised that documentation will be published shortly, it is unclear when or how detailed it will be. This absence of documentation may be inconvenient for users who prefer to follow written instructions or are uncomfortable with video demonstrations.

Furthermore, the lack of documentation may make it more difficult for users to solve difficulties or customize the plugin to their individual requirements.


Ultimately, Font Hero is a powerful and user-friendly WordPress plugin that helps users to add custom fonts to their websites without any technical experience.

It is a great tool if you're seeking to add professional-looking fonts to your website, thanks to its user-friendly interface, support for multiple font file formats, and compatibility with major WordPress builders and themes.

Moreover, Font Hero's emphasis on performance optimization and GDPR compliance makes it a trustworthy and safe choice for web professionals like you and me.

While there is no free version or public roadmap available at the time, the DPlugins team has a supportive and involved community as well as a plan for future development.

Overall, this is a valuable tool for anybody wanting to add custom fonts to their website without the hassle of manually doing it with code.

In the end, if you found this post helpful in determining whether or not Font Hero is the right tool for you, please consider sharing it with your community to educate them on this amazing no-code font management plugin for WordPress.

Also, if you have any suggestions or comments about this product, please leave them in the comment section below, and we will answer as necessary. Sharing your thoughts and experiences might help other readers make more educated decisions about this tool.

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