When we started SyncWin we were focused on producing content around Online Business and Entrepreneurship but gradually a new sub-brand "Toolonomy" emerged out of our main brand "SyncWin.

Initially, we didn't plan for this, but in order to pay the bills we had to focus on creating content around digital products on SyncWin Blog, then we realized that we should create a separate blog for digital products-related content and move all the related content from SyncWin to Toolonomy website.

In this way, Toolonomy was born which has been helping us to generate affiliate revenue and pay all the bills.

After a few years of running Toolonomy, we thought why not set up some other niche-based sub-brands in the SyncWin Ecosystem and produce dedicated helpful content for those different brands to start a Digital Media Company?

Therefore, we decided to go ahead on this route, so we did a long month of research on what niches we should go after that have the potential and our interest at the same time.

At some point, I was thinking to run just a single brand and produce all types of content under that just like big media companies like Forbes, and Mashable do.

But after learning so much about this topic I understood this is not the right way in the current times. Because it is very hard to get traffic from Google on a multi-topic blog as it doesn't establish any authoritativeness in the eyes of Google.

Therefore, we end up deciding we should create multiple niche-specific blogs and each of them will cover multiple sub-niches under the hood.

But nowadays, it is very tough to find a brandable name that is available as a dot-com domain and social media handles. So I started researching more and found a very effective process to find good brand names which I will share in a blog post later sometime.

However, long story short, we found a few brand names for different niche-specific blogs for SyncWin Ecosystem.

Although I am not going to share the name for now because I don't want other people to copy the niches and my topics, still I will share other details and stats with you down the road.

Here are the sub-brand niches:

SyncWin will be the main brand, and we will share all the information and case studies about these sub-brands through SyncWin's Website and social media. Also, we are currently evaluating if we should make SyncWin a multi-topic magazine-style brand like Forbes and Mashable which is not confirmed yet.

However, currently, we are working on all the necessary things to build a Digital Media Company, and we will keep sharing our updates, methods as well as progress on this website.

Stay tuned with us to learn more about our journey to becoming a Digital Media Brand.

I started SyncWin at the beginning of 2018 and now after almost 5 years, we found our main purpose, which is to build a media company around the SyncWin Ecosystem.

A digital media company is a business organization that produces and distributes information through any of the multitude of available mediums on the Internet, including but not limited to the web, forums, or social media.


We have been planning this for multiple months now, but we were not sure how we would execute this idea into reality!

And finally, after long research and brainstorming, we end up deciding that we will create multiple sub-brands of SyncWin and each of those will contain a dedicated website and all the necessary social media handles.

Each sub-brand will cover a dedicated niche, or you can say an industry to produce helpful content around it, starting with covering only the underserved topics that no one has covered until now.

After that, gradually we will start distributing them through social media and forums, and our newsletter to gain more eyeballs for our content.

Once we start getting enough traffic to our website we will start to monetize them with display ad networks like Google Adsense, and Ezoic as well as some specific affiliate programs, and also with informational products.

We created this dedicated section on our website known as SyncWin Ecosystem. Here we will keep sharing all the information, plans, updates, case studies, and journey to become a Digital Media Company.

Therefore, if you want to stay updated with our progress, then keep coming back to this section and keep sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.

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