Issue #30: SyncWin Digest Newsletter

In this 30th issue of SyncWin Digest, we have compiled some value-packed information around Words of Wisdom, SyncWin Ecosystem, Best BizDev Tool Deals, Logos with Hidden Meaning, VistaCreate vs Canva, You Don’t Always Need a CMS, Website Migration Checklist, Create a Niche Site, Google, Microsoft, Apple, & Mozilla Join Forces and LinkedIn Newsletters.
Mohammed Wasim Akram
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Last Updated: January 19, 2024
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In this 30th issue of SyncWin Digest, we have compiled some value-packed information around Words of Wisdom, SyncWin Ecosystem, Best BizDev Tool Deals, Logos with Hidden Meaning, VistaCreate vs Canva, You Don’t Always Need a CMS, Website Migration Checklist, Create a Niche Site, Google, Microsoft, Apple, & Mozilla Join Forces and LinkedIn Newsletters.

🤯 Valuable Words of Wisdom from Steve Jobs

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”
– Steve Jobs

🤫 Insider Information from the SyncWin Ecosystem

Stay updated with the insider updates of SyncWin Ecosystem that you should know and care about being an Insider Community Member.

📢 Our Announcements

[Toolonomy] Deal Section is Live: The much-awaited Toolonomy deal section is live now. It has been completely migrated from SyncWin to Toolonomy. Now the deal page has much more valuable information than before and also the archive page has multiple filters for sorting the tools as per your needs.

We are still working on it to improve the UX and also we will keep adding only the best deals on the business development tools from around the internet to make your lives easier.

📈 Our Business Roadmap

[SyncWin & Toolonomy] Content Planning: Now we're already working on deciding content topics for both SyncWin & Toolonomy Blog, and we have finalized some great topics that we hope you would find helpful.

Also, we're planning to publish a new article and update an old post every single week on any of the two websites, either it could be on SyncWin or Toolonomy.

🌐 Information from the World of Digital Entrepreneurship

Let's discover what's happening around the world of Digital Entrepreneurship that resonates with online entrepreneurs like you and us.

🤑 Deal of the Week

[Limited Lifetime Deal] Amelia - WordPress Booking Management System: Amelia is WordPress’s fully automated appointment and event booking specialist that works for you around the clock. With an automated, enterprise-level booking experience, you’ll see deep changes in your productivity with little change to your work process.

📚 Resource of the Week

[Branding] 36 Brilliant Logos with Hidden Meaning: Good logos are memorable. Great logos are unforgettable. The attention span of humans has gotten shorter than goldfish (claims a new study from Microsoft), and that's the reason you need a logo that can leave a great impact on your clients and customers within seconds.

And that's why we are sharing this article on hidden meaning logos so that you can take inspiration from these logos and implement that in your own logos.

🤼‍♂️ Comparison of the Week

[Design] VistaCreate vs Canva: Canva and VistaCreate both are amazing tools and made work a lot easier for graphic designers. However, when it comes to their comparison they both have their pros and cons so let's have a look at a few of them:

  • Freemium Features: VistraCreate doesn’t have as vast readymade template choices as Canva, but it offers many more free options. VistaCreate also doesn’t limit your content quality while downloading.
  • Typography: Canva has a lot, I repeat, a lot of fonts for you to choose from including premium ones. VistaCreate is also enriched with a plethora of fonts that all are free but don’t come near Canva.
  • Support: Canva and VistaCreate both take customer support very seriously and have dedicated employees to take care of your issues.

As you read both of them have their pro and cons, so now I'm leaving it to you to decide which one is the best. However, if you want to check the full comparison then read this article.

🧐 Review of the Week

[Web Development] You Don’t Always Need a CMS: In this article, the author has shared his reasons why he doesn't like to use CMS, according to him when a new version of CMS gets released you have to update it and if something goes wrong, you will not be able to push new content.

And in the scenario, it may get hacked but a static website is harder to hack than a dynamic website.

You might be thinking if he doesn't use a CMS how does he do his work? The author said; "I open my project in my favorite text editor of choice and change my markdown files when I'm finished, I commit my changes to the git branch and a GitHub action will automatically trigger".

We would love to know your thoughts about this topic as we don't find it really user-friendly for non-technical people. Therefore we always prefer to use a CMS like WordPress for our blog.

👣 Guide of the Week

[SEO] Website Migration Checklist: Migrating websites is part of the natural progression of an enterprise, and there are many reasons companies migrate their sites and one of them is rebranding, although migrating your website seems to be a simple task in theory. But one wrong step can cause the following SEO problems: 404 Errors, Lost Rankings, and Missing Content.

So if your company has not yet gone through a website migration then here are the 10 steps that will help you have a successful website migration.

  • Setup Hosting, DNS, CDN, Mail
  • Create a List of Redirects
  • Review SEO Structure
  • Run Benchmarks
  • Analyze Key Site Pages
  • Rerun Site Crawlers to Compare
  • Audit the Site
  • Setup Search Console and Webmaster Tools
  • Run Usability Tests
  • Monitor Analytics and Perform Any Necessary Cleanup

👨‍🏫 Tutorial of the Week

[Blogging] Create a Niche Site That Earns 4 Figures a Month: In this guide, the author has shared the techniques she used to build a successful niche site that generated over $1,000 a month but first, you have to identify a niche with high-ticket items, lay the right foundations, and put more effort into your content and links.

Here are the 6 steps the author has shared that you can implement to get the same result as her.

  • Choose the Right Niche
  • Find the Right Keywords
  • Build Your Site
  • Write Content
  • Build Links
  • Rinse and Repeat

📰 News of the Week

[Web Browser] Google, Microsoft, Apple, & Mozilla Join Forces to Make Browsers Better: Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Mozilla Foundation announced a joint effort to improve browser interoperability to make sure that all the browsers can provide the same reliable and consistent web experience.

Their aim is to remove pain points for developers and enable them to focus on building their web experiences instead of working around various inconsistencies in browsers.

📌 Update of the Week

[Social Media] LinkedIn Pages Can Now Publish Newsletters: Newsletters used to be the domain of email marketing, but LinkedIn is making moves to make them more useful for people in the social media age. The rollout of LinkedIn Newsletters as an extension of the Articles for Pages feature that was introduced last year.

The ability to engage and grow followers and subscribers to your page’s membership area through newsletters and articles for pages is a boon to businesses and professionals looking to connect and communicate with their audience.

💰 Exclusive Promotions

Find out the exclusively promoted items that keep us motivated to deliver these value-packed newsletters by paying some of our bills.

[Toolonomy Blog] Insider Discount Coupons: If you're looking for Discount Coupons on Business Development Tools and you're a SyncWin or Toolonomy Insider Community Member then we've managed to negotiate some exclusive discount coupons on a few worthy tools just for you to take benefit of being an insider which you can find inside this post.

[Toolonomy Blog] Ending Deals: Explore all the Ending Lifetime Deals on the selected BizDev (Business Development) Tools from the various platforms and don't miss out on the opportunity to grab your favorite ones that you think might have the potential to help you grow your business.

👍👎 Share Your Feedback

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Stay tuned for the next issue of SyncWin Digest Newsletter until upcoming Wednesday.

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