ClosersCopy Review: Best Long-Form AI Content Writing Tool

ClosersCopy is one of the best AI-Based Content Writing and Content Optimization Tools powered by the OpenAI GPT-3 Language Model, which allows you to produce high-quality short & long-form text-based unique content for almost any types of industries. It offers dozens of powerful features and ready-to-use frameworks under multiple categories in order to generate well-written content for various use cases.
Mohammed Wasim Akram
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Last Updated: June 16, 2022
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If you are a Copywriter, Content Creator, or Webpreneur then you already know how much time it takes to write a perfect blog post or a sales page copy for your business, therefore leveraging a powerful AI Writing Assistant like ClosersCopy can be a great way to reduce your effort and become more productive.

So keeping that in mind, here I am going to share my review of ClosersCopy with you which is a very powerful and affordable AI-Writing Tool that offers similar results as Jasper AI or Copy AI at a much lower price. Therefore, I can confidently say it is going to be a neck-to-neck competitor for them very shortly.

This AI-based copywriting tool has a loyal fan base of thousands of people in its private Facebook Group, and it is very popular among Lifetime Deal Lovers.

Also, we are using it to produce content for our brands including SyncWin, Toolonomy, and others that we can't disclose yet. And we are very happy as well as satisfied with this high-quality magical content production machine.

Introduction of ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is one of the best AI-Based Content Writing and Content Optimization Tools powered by the OpenAI GPT-3 Language Model, which allows you to produce high-quality short & long-form text-based unique content for almost any type of industry. It offers dozens of powerful features and ready-to-use frameworks under multiple categories in order to generate well-written content for various use cases.

It is an artificial intelligence algorithm-based content writing tool built by a copywriter, Nico Engler, keeping in mind to help copywriters like himself to produce more content such as ads, sales copy, and blog posts in less time. And in its initial state, it was not as advanced as you see it today, which simply indicates the efforts and hard work he put into this tool to make it what it is now.

Useful Resources for ClosersCopy

Main Features of ClosersCopy

We have already discussed a lot about ClosersCopy, now it's time to see what are the key features it is offering to make your life easier as a content producer and entrepreneur.

However, please, keep in mind that not all features are available for each pricing plan, and you can unlock some features with the higher plans though lower plans offer most of the crucial features that you may need to generate content.


  • Seats
  • Community Libraries

Artificial Intelligence

  • Runs
  • Blog AI
  • Sales AI
  • Story AI
  • Languages

Flagship Features

  • SEO Audits
  • SEO Planner
  • Longform
  • Frameworks (700+ to date)
  • Workflows
  • Tune (coming soon)
  • Insights


  • Fluent
  • Markup
  • Swipe
  • Words
  • Thesaurus
  • Shortcuts


  • Lifetime Updates
  • Future Innovations
  • Email Support
  • Community (12k+ members)

Languages (AI)

  1. Afrikaans
  2. Albanian
  3. Amharic
  4. Arabic
  5. Armenian
  6. Azerbaijani
  7. Basque
  8. Belarusian
  9. Bengali
  10. Bosnian
  11. Bulgarian
  12. Catalan
  13. Cebuano
  14. Chinese
  15. Chinese (Simplified)
  16. Chinese (Traditional)
  17. Corsican
  18. Croatian
  19. Czech
  20. Danish
  21. Dutch
  22. Dutch (formal)
  23. Dutch (informal)
  24. English
  25. Esperanto
  26. Estonian
  27. Finnish
  28. French
  29. French (formal)
  30. French (informal)
  31. Frisian
  32. Galician
  33. Georgian
  34. German
  35. German (formal)
  36. German (informal)
  37. Greek
  38. Gujarati
  39. Haitian Creole
  40. Hausa
  41. Hawaiian
  42. Hebrew
  43. Hindi
  44. Hmong
  45. Hungarian
  46. Icelandic
  47. Igbo
  48. Indonesian
  49. Irish
  50. Italian
  51. Italian (formal)
  52. Italian (informal)
  53. Japanese
  54. Javanese
  55. Kannada
  56. Kazakh
  57. Khmer
  58. Kinyarwanda
  59. Korean
  60. Kurdish
  61. Kyrgyz
  62. Lao
  63. Latvian
  64. Lithuanian
  65. Luxembourgish
  66. Macedonian
  67. Malagasy
  68. Malay
  69. Malayalam
  70. Maltese
  71. Maori
  72. Marathi
  73. Mongolian
  74. Myanmar (Burmese)
  75. Nepali
  76. Norwegian
  77. Nyanja (Chichewa)
  78. Odia (Oriya)
  79. Pashto
  80. Persian
  81. Polish
  82. Polish (formal)
  83. Polish (informal)
  84. Portuguese
  85. Portuguese (BR)
  86. Portuguese (BR) (formal)
  87. Portuguese (BR) (informal)
  88. Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil)
  89. Portuguese (formal)
  90. Portuguese (informal)
  91. Punjabi
  92. Romanian
  93. Russian
  94. Samoan
  95. Scots Gaelic
  96. Serbian
  97. Sesotho
  98. Shona
  99. Sindhi
  100. Sinhala (Sinhalese)
  101. Slovak
  102. Slovenian
  103. Somali
  104. Spanish
  105. Spanish (formal)
  106. Spanish (informal)
  107. Sundanese
  108. Swahili
  109. Swedish
  110. Tagalog (Filipino)
  111. Tajik
  112. Tamil
  113. Tatar
  114. Telugu
  115. Thai
  116. Turkish
  117. Turkmen
  118. Ukrainian
  119. Urdu
  120. Uyghur
  121. Uzbek
  122. Vietnamese
  123. Welsh
  124. Xhosa
  125. Yiddish
  126. Yoruba
  127. Zulu

Best Features of ClosersCopy

Explore the best features of ClosersCopy and understand how this tool can help you achieve your business goals with its awesome functionalities.


The ClosersCopy Launchpad is a great feature that allows you to create a space where you can add the existing necessary tools, frameworks, and workflows all in one single place for easy access that you are going to need for a particular content creation use case or project.

It allows you to add or remove any of the assigned tools, workflows, and frameworks; also it lets you rename the launchpad you created and share it with your team as well as the community so that they can also use your ready-made launchpad for their projects.


The ClosersCopy SEO features let you perform detailed topic research for a particular region and language using the power of the Natural Language Process (NLP), which allows you to analyze the top 10 results on the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs).

You can select the relevant results scraped by the ClosersCopy and then perform the audit in order to see what are the most common words, phrases, statistics, statements, questions, and H (H1, H2, H3) tags that have been used on those top ranking pages and then consider using them within your content to increase the chance of higher ranking on the SERPs.

Also, it lets you create the outline and rewrite the already scraped content from those top ranking pages using the power of ClosersCopy, which is a great feature in case you want the AI algorithm to write content based on the facts and research that GPT-3 lacks.

If that is not enough, then it also helps you optimize your content based on the top results of Google, it tells you how many words, headlines, paragraphs, and images you should include within your content. As soon as you keep generating content inside the editor, it helps you with a score meter to see if your content is fulfilling the SEO parameters suggested by the NLP reports or not.

It also lets you analyze any single page instead of the multiple search result pages just by inserting the URL instead of the keyword, and then you can see the SEO audit report for that particular page and replicate that for your content to rank higher on Google.


The ClosersCopy Long form is a very interesting and powerful feature that allows you to write a full-blown blog article, email, letter, or anything from a few hundred to a thousand words that are considered long-form content.

Once you give a proper headline and a few paragraphs to help AI understand the context, then it can produce more relevant long-form content based on your requirements.

It offers a few features, under the write section on the right sidebar where you can feed the AI with more information and tweak it as per your needs, for example, you can feed it with brief and talking points as well as you can tweak it for directed or freestyle writing with suggested word counts and creative level.

Also in the tool section of the right sidebar, you can find multiple tools that are going to help you write your long-form content faster than ever. Explore the tools that you can use to compose long-form content:

  • Brief
  • Headline
  • Outline
  • Introduction
  • Paragraph
  • Conclusion
  • Benefits
  • Drawbacks
  • Bullets
  • Listicle
  • FAQ
  • Tutorial
  • Explain
  • Command


The ClosersCopy Frameworks are the library of ready-to-use AI writing templates divided into multiple categories, added by the official team as well as contributed by the community members, which you can use to write content for different channels and various use cases.

Find out the categories of frameworks:

  • Ads
  • Blogs
  • Blogs (Recipe)
  • Business
  • Courses
  • Direct Response
  • Emails
  • Landing Page
  • Mics
  • Podcasts
  • Press Releases
  • Products
  • Question & Answers
  • Reviews
  • SEO
  • Social
  • Story Brand
  • Tools
  • Tutorials
  • YouTube

You can create a custom framework to train the AI to write content in a particular style by giving it multiple sample content so that it learns the way the sample content has been written and then adapts the style based on them in order to write content that is similar to those provided sample content.

It allows you to create your custom frameworks and train the AI as per your needs of writing style, which is a unique and useful feature to differentiate ClosersCopy from the other available AI writing tools in the market.

Let me share with you an overview of how these frameworks can be used to generate different types of content.

For example, if you want to use the Blog Frameworks then just select it from the dropdown option on the right sidebar then you can see all the available frameworks under the blog category including outline, title, introduction, conclusion etcetera.

Now you can select any of the available frameworks and use them to start writing just by giving it the topic you want to write about, and then the AI will write content for you based on the topic you have provided.


The ClosersCopy Workflows let you include multiple combinations of frameworks in a sequence that you prefer to keep in order to write any particular type of content by setting up your own custom workflow.

You can easily rearrange your workflows using the built-in drag and drop feature, which means you have maximum flexibility to control the workflows you create.

It allows you to use any of the default or community-built frameworks to create your workflow, and after creating the workflow you can give it a name and then easily share it with the other community members, which also means there are dozens of community workflows already available in case you want to use them and tweak as per your needs.

After you create a workflow, you can see the frameworks you have included as multiple steps inside the right sidebar of the editor which help you write different components of your content following along the predefined steps.


The ClosersCopy Libraries contain a few different types of data which can be really useful for some dedicated use cases.

Explore the type of data the libraries can contain:

  • Backups: The automatic and manual backups of your content which you can preview and import easily in case you lost something while working inside the ClosersCopy editor.
  • Thesaurus: It allows you to find the synonyms and antonyms of any keyword you enter, which helps you find the alternative words directly inside ClosersCopy while you're composing.
  • Words: Here you can find various Power and Sensory Words which can be easily included in your content for more humanly content while composing it in the ClosersCopy editor.


ClosersCopy allows you to download the content you have generated using the power of AI inside its editor in multiple formats including PDF, DOCX, and HTML, which is a great and must-have feature for tools like this in my opinion.

Using this option you can save a lot of time by directly exporting the content as PDF or DOCX format without the need for any third-party converter tools. Also, you can export the HTML format if you want to use the content for your blog posts as it will reduce an additional step of formatting content with HTML.

Integrations of ClosersCopy

Currently, ClosersCopy doesn't officially integrate with the other Business Development Tools except for the one which I am going to list below.

Copyscape & ClosersCopy Integration

ClosersCopy has got an official integration with the most popular plagiarism checker tool known as Copyscape which will help you to figure out if your content is original or not. In simple language, it identifies if the content generated by AI is not a duplicate version of someone else's content in order to keep you safe from any legal or other troubles.

Pricing Structure of ClosersCopy as of October 2022

Now, as I have already covered the features and integrations of ClosersCopy it's time to check the pricing structure.

Currently, it is offering four pricing plans: Superpower Solo, Power, Superpower, and Superpower Squad, which we will explore in the upcoming sections.

Superpower Solo (Lifetime Deal)

If you are the only person who is running the business then you should go with this plan as here you will get almost all the features that are available in the bigger plans with a condition that only you can use them.

And I think it is best for solopreneurs like you who don't have a big team and do all the work by themselves.

Let see what are the features you will get in this offer:

  • $357 / One-Time or $119 / 3 EMI Total
  • Unlimited AI Writing
  • Unlimited SEO Audits
  • Unlimited Updates
  • 1 Seat (Only You)
  • SEO Audit
  • SEO Planner
  • Long-form
  • Frameworks (700+ to date)
  • Workflows
  • Tune (coming soon)
  • Insights
  • Email Support
  • Community Access

Power (Lifetime Deal & Monthly Plan)

It is the second pricing structure that they are offering and with this plan, you will be able to add one more person to this tool who can work with you, but the problem with this plan is that it gives you certain limitations, have a look below, and you will understand what I am trying to say.

  • $441 / One-Time or $147 / 3 EMI Total or $49.99/ Monthly
  • 300 AI Runs / Month
  • 50 SEO Audits / Month
  • Limited Updates
  • 2 Seats (You + 1 Team Member)
  • SEO Audit
  • SEO Planner
  • Long-form
  • Frameworks (700+ to Date)
  • Workflows
  • Tune (Coming Soon)
  • Insights
  • Email Support
  • Community Access (12k+ Members)

Superpower (Lifetime Deal & Monthly Plan)

If you have a total of three members in your team, and you want to become more productive in terms of producing content, then you should grab this plan as it is offering you to add two more members you being the admin and the best part is that you won't find any limitations in this plan.

  • $561 / One-Time or $187 / 3 EMI Total or $79.99 / Monthly
  • Unlimited AI Writing
  • Unlimited SEO Audits
  • Unlimited Updates
  • 3 seats (You + 2 Team Members)
  • SEO Audit
  • SEO Planner
  • Long-form
  • Frameworks (700+ to date)
  • Workflows
  • Tune (Coming Soon)
  • Insights
  • Email Support
  • Community (12k+ Members)

Superpower Squad (Lifetime Deal & Monthly Plan)

This plan allows you to add up to five members total, and you will get every single feature without any limitations, so if you have a team of 5 writers then you should go with this plan.

  • $741 / One-Time or $247 / 3 EMI Total or $99.99 / Monthly
  • Unlimited AI Writing 
  • Unlimited SEO Audits 
  • Unlimited Updates 
  • 5 Seats (You + 4 Team Members)
  • SEO Audit 
  • SEO Planner 
  • Long-form 
  • Frameworks (700+ to Date) 
  • Workflows 
  • Tune (Coming Soon)
  • Insights
  • Email Support
  • Community (12k+ Members)

PROS of ClosersCopy

Now let's explore the good things about ClosersCopy and understand why you should consider using this tool for the content writing needs of your business.

High-Quality Content Generation

After using multiple AI content generation tools available in the market, I can confidently say that the ClosersCopy generates really high-quality content if you feed the AI algorithm with the right content input with good context.

Content quality is the main factor that we should look into while selecting an AI copywriting assistant tool because even if the tool has all the bells and whistles to attract your attention, still if it doesn't generate high-quality content then everything is wasted.

We have been using ClosersCopy to assist us to write various types of content for our multiple businesses, and I am very much satisfied with the quality of the content it produces, and I think it can easily beat the other most popular alternatives that are much more expensive than this product.

Rich Text Content Editor

One thing that I find really useful about ClosersCopy is its rich text content editor which is really advanced and offers almost everything you can think of while writing content inside the content editor.

Let me share with you the list of features that you can find inside the ClosersCopy content editor:

  • Redo & Undo
  • Formats (H1, H2, H3)
  • Paragraph
  • Case Changer (Title Case, Upper Case, Lower Case)
  • Fonts
  • Font Sizes
  • Emoticons
  • Format Painter
  • Highlights
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Blockquote
  • Text Color
  • Background Color
  • Numbered List
  • Bullet List
  • Alignment
  • Increase & Decrease Indent
  • Insert / Edit Image
  • Table (Cell, Row, Column)
  • Find & Replace
  • Left to Right
  • Right to Left

Three Dedicated AI Algorithms

This is a unique feature of ClosersCopy which allows you to use three different AI-based algorithms to generate completely different types of content.

It approaches three different types of users as not everyone would use this tool only for blogging, sales copy, or story writing; therefore ClosersCopy has a solution for that which I am sharing below:

  1. Blog AI: Dedicated to generating high-quality blog content for any type of blog.
  2. Sales AI: Dedicated to generating high-quality sales copy, ad copy, and marketing copy.
  3. Story AI: Dedicated to generating unique content for stories, novels, etcetera.

Train AI with Custom Framework

We have already talked about the frameworks in the best features section but still, I am adding this point here because I think it's necessary to mention in the pros section that ClosersCopy allows you to create custom frameworks in order to generate content with your own style.

This framework feature actually lets you train the artificial intelligence algorithm to learn from the provided content examples and then generate content based on those examples so that it can adapt to your writing style with your personality which allows you to scale up your content production by saving a lot of time to tweak the content as per your writing style.

Light & Dark Mode Themes

I always emphasize how important it is to have a dark and light mode option for the tools we use in our day-to-day lives because there are two types of people exist, one group prefers to use the light mode and another group always uses dark mode for all the tools they use, and I belong to the latter group.

Therefore, I decided to mention that the ClosersCopy offers this much-needed feature, and it has a total of three themes, one theme for light mode and two different themes for the dark mode to choose from which is a great benefit of using this tool.

Passionate User Community

The ClosersCopy has a very passionate community of multiple thousands of users that use this awesome tool in their day-to-day lives to produce content for their blogs and social media accounts.

This is a very good sign as the tool has a large community because it indicates that the people are actually using this tool thus the company is making money to keep itself profitable which lowers the chances of getting the product abandoned and shut down in the long run.

Also, if you struggle with something particularly related to the tool, then you can get help from other community members that became very good at using this tool because they might also face the issues and found the solutions that you're struggling with.

One particular thing I love about this community is that they always keep sharing whatever they learn about this tool as well as the frameworks and workflows they made for their personal usage, only to help other members get the most out of this tool.

Super Helpful Founder

It's very rare to see the founder of SaaS companies engage with the community and listen to them in order to improve the product and service as per the user recommendation.

However, in the case of ClosersCopy, I often see Nico comment on the posts by the group members in order to help them with their queries, and also I saw him replying to a feature request and implementing that feature the very next day which is incredible.

It simply shows how passionate the founder is about his product and also how much he cares about the community that trusted his product and the vision behind it.

100+ Foreign Languages Support

One of the best things about this tool is that it has the official support of more than a hundred languages from different parts of the world, which means you can generate AI-based content in any of your favorite languages other than just English.

Producing English content is not a big deal nowadays because you can find many other tools and writers that can help you write content in English but when the time comes to write content in other regional languages from different parts of the world then ClosersCopy can be really helpful in that scenario.

CONS of ClosersCopy

Find out the bad things about ClosersCopy and see why you shouldn't use this product if these cons are a matter of concern to you, although I am damn sure that these CONS are not permanent as they will be identified and addressed by the team sooner or later.

Dated User Interface & Erratic User Experience

I love and use this tool daily but in my honest opinion, the user interface of this tool looks really outdated and clunky as compared to the other alternative AI writing tools in the market, although those tools are not as powerful as ClosersCopy.

Also, due to a lot of different options that this tool has been offering at times, it becomes inconsistent and complicated to understand how to use those functionalities for most people and especially for beginners, so people end up using only a few features that are really necessary and feel more consistent.

The founder and the team are very talented that they could build this powerful tool, but I strongly believe they should hire a user UI & UX expert who can help them to make this tool more modern and robust in terms of the user interface so that it offers a streamlined user experience with fewer clicks and less friction to make things much easier than compared to how it is now.

Lack of Built-in Grammar & Plagiarism Checker

Although you can generate various types of great content using this tool with the help of artificial intelligence. But there is no built-in plagiarism or grammar checker which makes the generated content less trustworthy as most likely there could be a lot of grammatical errors and plagiarism in the content.

There can be multiple reasons why not these features are inbuilt within this tool, and why the team should consider adding them, for example:

#1. I know there are dedicated tools that offer exclusive plagiarism and grammar checking services, but I think being an AI writing tool it should offer those features built-in inside the content editor to make the tool more helpful for the users as not everyone would want to use separate tools for different features thus a unified experience to create content start to end inside the one single app would be a great UX.

However, currently, ClosersCopy is compatible with Grammarly which is the most popular grammar checking tool, and also it has an integration with Copyscape which is a popular plagiarism checker tool. Therefore, if you're fine with using these third-party tools for grammar and plagiarism checking purposes then this entire con section is invalid for you.

#2. It costs extra money to offer those services, so in my opinion, the founder should think and consider moving away from their lifetime deal pricing model to a more sustainable pricing model to cover the ongoing costs because it also costs money to generate content using the GPT-3 AI engines.

Slow Content Generation Performance

Initially, when I started using ClosersCopy it used to be very quick to generate content but as time passed it became slow which is obvious as in the beginning there were fewer users of this tool, but now it has a huge user base that is concurrently leveraging the power of this tool from around the globe which ultimately increases the server load I believe.

Therefore, now sometimes it only takes 2-3 seconds but other times it takes around a whopping 10-15 seconds to generate content which is really irritating especially when you need to write long-form content as it adds up to the overall time you spend to write the entire blog post.

However, I believe the founder will consider this and resolve this issue of slow performance which is impacting the overall user experience.

Unsustainable Pricing Model

Initially, it might be a great decision to offer a lifetime deal for any tool to grab some attention and build a committed user base that helps you improve the tool with their initial feedback to make it more polished as well as promote it to others which creates brand awareness through word of mouth.

However, in the long run, it is unsustainable in most cases so if you want to make your business sustainable then you need regular cash flow to pay the bills to run the business healthily and also reinvest more into the new exciting features which are only possible if you have money to invest.

However, ClosersCopy has been offering a lifetime deal pricing model since the beginning and over time they have been increasing the price with every major update which might be enough for now but in my opinion, they should close the LTD pricing model as soon as possible and move into a sustainable pricing model like MRR or YRR in order to compete with the other big players like Jasper AI and Copy AI.

Sudden & Uncertain Feature Changes

Introducing new features to a tool is a great thing as it helps the tool grow and keep the existing customers happy but once a tool has a certain amount of user base then the company should be really careful and run proper surveys as well as research before adding up any new features.

The reason behind this is when you add a new feature, people start using it and become habituated then all of a sudden if you do a major UI/UX revamp or completely replace the feature with a new feature it can create confusion and piss off the existing users which is not a good thing as they are the pillar of any business.

The same thing I noticed with ClosersCopy, so I think they should be really careful and attentive when adding new features or doing a major revamp, although they showcase any new feature as beta. But they make it publicly available for every user, which is not good practice for SaaS businesses like this.

Therefore, most of the time I end up using only the features that are available in the tool for a long time because I don't want to become habituated to a particular feature that is uncertain and can retire anytime whenever the developer decides to remove it for some unknown reason.

Suggestions for ClosersCopy

Here are my suggestions to the ClosersCopy team that they should consider taking into account in order to improve the product further and make it even better.

  • UI & UX More Modern and Logical: Please, make the user interface more modern with better graphics design by taking inspiration from products like Outranking, WriterZen, Surfer SEO, and Jasper AI and make the features easy to access and more logical for a better user experience.
  • Branded & Professional Website: Add more graphics with to-the-point content including all the key features with some brief explanations and add the necessary pages like the about page to introduce the team behind this tool in order to build trust among the potential buyers. Also, get some inspiration from big brand SaaS websites to make things more professional and branded.
  • Full-Featured Public Roadmap: Add a full-featured public roadmap where people can see the ideas, planned, in progress, and completed features along with the voting plus commenting system as this user-driven approach will lead the product development in the right direction.
  • Public Detailed Changelog Page: Add a changelog with detailed feature updates and bug fixes with each version so that users can see the changes and improvements of the product. Also, it will encourage users to check the newly added features and improvements and then share their insightful feedback.
  • Beta Features Limited to Private Access: It is highly recommended to keep the beta features access limited to private only for the beta testers because they're not stable enough and can be changed a lot before the final release, which can confuse general users that are not interested in beta testing and discourage them from using any new features.
  • Text-Based Updated Documentation: This is an AI writing tool, yet it doesn't have full-fledged text-based documentation; therefore I would suggest adding written details on all the documentation pages because not everyone likes watching videos as there are people who always prefer text-based docs.
  • One-Click Blog Post Generation: Consider adding one-click full long-form blog article generation features like Autoblogging and TextBuilder as it would be game-changing and attract more eyeballs to the ClosersCopy because this is now the talk of the digital town.
  • Develop Browser Extensions: Having a dedicated browser extension for web browsers like Chrome and Firefox would be great as it will allow users to use the ClosersCopy anywhere (E.g. Social Media, Email Clients, Note-Taking App) they want without any hassle, and also it will make the product more popular.
  • Develop a WordPress Plugin: Create a WordPress plugin so that we can use all the features of ClosersCopy inside our blog editor and also can import / export content from ClosersCopy. It can be a unique selling point of this tool as there are very few companies developing something for WP.

Best ClosersCopy Alternatives

Explore the other best alternative tools to ClosersCopy that also offer powerful AI content generation and assistant features you need to produce high-quality content.

  • Jasper AI: The best AI copywriting tool in the market, but it's much more expensive than the ClosersCopy.
  • Copy AI: The most feature-rich AI copywriting tool but not as affordable as the ClosersCopy is.
  • WordHero: A great high-quality AI writing tool but not as feature-rich as the ClosersCopy.


In this article, I have shared my honest review of ClosersCopy and explained all the things that I think are important for you before you consider buying this AI Writing Tool. Here I have covered its Introduction, Pricing Structure, PROS, CONS etcetera which will help you decide if the tool is worth buying or not.

We have been using the ClosersCopy to produce content for our businesses for more than a year now, therefore if you're thinking of using an AI content writing tool that is more powerful yet affordable than the popular alternatives then consider getting it as it is one of the best and underrated tools in this category.

I hope you liked this review article and found it helpful. If yes, then consider sharing your thoughts about this tool in the comment section, and don't forget to share it with your circle and community of other bloggers and content writers as I believe they will definitely find it helpful for their business use cases.

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Hello myself Wasim, I’m from the city of Mother Teresa Calcutta (currently Kolkata), which exists in India, a country of unity in diversity.I belong to the sales and marketing field with 10+ years of experience. In December of 2017, I switched my career from a 9 to 5 traditional job to the digital entrepreneurship.Currently, I am a Google and HubSpot certified Digital Marketer, a WordPress Specialist, Web Designer & Strategist and the founder of SyncWin.
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