ChatGPT Review: The Best & Revolutionary AI-Powered Chatbot

You already heard about ChatGPT and Here in this post, I am going to share with you my honesty about ChatGPT its advantages and disadvantages and how you can use it as a content creator to produce content faster.
Mohammed Ishan Akram
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Last Updated: February 12, 2023
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You might already hear or used ChatGPT as it is in the mouth of every person all over the world, if not then let me tell you in one line what is it.

It is an AI that can interact with you like a human and can provide you with any information you want. And in this article, I am going to share with you all the things you need to know about ChatGPT, its Pros and Cons, and How it can help you as a content creator.

So without taking any more time let's get started.

ChatGPT Introduction

ChatGPT is an AI Chatbot that is created by Open.AI the company that is known for creating AI Chatbots using NLP language so that it can help you and me to become more productive when it comes to well-researched content you just need to ask it proper questions aka use proper prompts and it will provide you a well-written answer.

It can easily solve any math question and correct or write codes for you and by this, you can understand how powerful is it.

It was launched on November 30, 2022, and it is a sibling of the InstructGPT AI model you will be amazed by hearing that it acquired 1 million users within a week which never happened in the history of the tech industry as it took decades to big companies as Facebook and Apple do it. But it's nothing the time I am writing this review it has passed 100 million users.

How I started using it, I didn't know about it a month earlier, I saw one or two posts here and there but my brother Mohammed Wasim Akram the founder and CEO of SyncWin and Toolonomy started to share articles and videos about it in our private SyncWin and Toolonomy Facebook group and suggested me to check it out.

So I went to Google and wrote ChatGPT, Like other tools it asked me to fill up my signup after that this is what appeared in front of me.

I can't remember what I asked it but the thing remembers is that I was creating the best list post so I provided it with the information of the software and asked it to summarize it and the result I got was really mind-blowing.

I also asked a few questions the way it was replying I felt like it is not an AI but a human being who is answering my question from the other side and that was my interaction with it.

Main Features

So I think I already blabbered a lot about ChatGPT and my experience while using it, now it's time to share its features with you.

  • Text Like a Human: Yes as I already said the way it responds is the reason for its popularity it responds in a way that it is very hard to recognize whether it is typed by a chatbot or a human.
  • Can Provide Information You Want: Yes, this is the feature it is popular for no matter what question you ask if it is available in its database then it will provide you precise and tailored information about the topic. I said available in its database because currently its database is limited to 2021 information but if you want you can provide it the information about the topic and then ask any question you desire it will give you the answers.
  • Supports Many Language: When I started using I first asked it questions in English but then I thought let's see if it understand my mother tongue or not so I ask some question in Hindi or Hinglish and to my surprise, it was able to understand and answer to my queries.
  • Translation: Yes, it can even translate your text to the native language you just need to paste your text and ask it to translate the text for you. As I translated one of my personal channel's video scripts to check how precise it was, it was good not fully accurate but fine.
  • Can be Tailored to Produce Human-like Content: Yes, I said to you that it can communicate and even produce content like a human being but for that, you need to use proper prompts and it does not just ask questions if you want it to create content as you want then you need to instruct it precisely what you want and for that reason, we have created a dedicated prompts post that you can use to get the result you aspect from ChatGPT


As we already covered what ChatGPT is and what are its features now it's time to see its pricing.

  • Beta Version: ChatGPT was launched as a beta version for free for testing before launching the PRO version as they wanted users to use it so that they can fix its shortcoming to their surprise used and loved it and because of that even after launching the PRO they allowed us to use it for free with its PRO version it will just make the response faster otherwise everything is same.
  • ChatGPT Plus: They were planning from a long time to launch its PRO version and finally its out, you can get access to it, just by paying $20 monthly, and here are the things you will get with its PRO version Available even when demand is high, Faster response speed, Priority access to new features.


  • Ease of Use: Anyone can use it, whether you are a developer, designer, content creator, or a student to get any information you want, you just have to open ChatGPT and type your question as you chat with your friend and it will give you the answer you asked for.
  • Productivity: After the arrival of ChatGPT there is a lot of work that has become easier than before, for example, researching for a topic to create a video or blog post before people had to spend time searching in Google and have to look into lots of different articles for conducting thorough research but with ChatGPT you just need to have basic knowledge of that topic and you can ask ChatGPT to provide detailed information about it and boom every small detail will be in front of your eyes.
  • Problem-Solving Capabilities: People are using ChatGPT in different ways it is interesting that it also has problem-solving capabilities if you are a developer then it could take you to find hours to find out why a function is not working but if you will ask ChatGPT to fix it, it will fix the mistake within minutes and will also tell you what was the mistake and why it was not working same for students if you will ask ChatGPT to solve a math problem it will solve it for you within minutes.
  • A Life Saver for Content Creators: If you are a content creator who produces content daily and can't come up with new content ideas then just told ChatGPT what type of content you produce and ask for suggestions and it will provide you with new content ideas, It can even create your outline and content just make sure you fact check your content and give a human touch into it as it is assisting tool, not a human replacement.


  • It is a Machine: Although it has incredible capabilities we should not forget that it is a machine so it might make mistakes so never trust it blindly as it can also produce inaccurate information whether you are a content creator, researcher, or anyone who is thinking to utilize or already utilizing this tool always double check it.
  • Incomplete Sentence: As it is not sentient like us, it does not have any emotion, it just provides us information the way it is trained that means sometimes it can produce incomplete sentences or cannot smoothly shift into the next paragraph and that is what you as a person have to understand and have to correct it yourself.
  • Plagiarism: It is providing you information using the internet and taking multiple contents and then writing it for you as a content creator if you will just copy and paste and publish it then the search engine will think that it is a stolen piece of content from other sites, so you should always use a plagiarism tool to avoid this issue as it replaces the content's word generated by AI with similar other words.
  • Repetitive Words: This is very common while using ChatGPT, it repeats the same word multiple times as you asked it to write about a product with bullet points, then it will repeat the name of the multiple time in the description and bullet points instead of replacing it with the pronoun "It".
  • Lack of Personality: As you know every person have a writing tone and everyone writes based on their emotion and on how they see the world but as ChatGPT doesn't have any emotions it lacks that sense of personality and it can never do that as it is just a tool that can provide you the information it is you who will put your unique personality and tone into it and make it different from the rest.



YouChat is an AI search engine that you can use to get the information you want more quickly just like other search engines you can type in the info you want and it will provide you a quick summary of the information and will also suggest you the posts it is using to drive the information from.


LaMDA is also a well-known AI as it is created by Google, it can also respond like a human being as it is trained with lots of dialogue data and can be the best option to create a conversation chatbox application for customer care apps


Here are my final words, I think ChatGPT is a great tool that can help us become more productive in different fields, but we should consider it as an assistant not as a human replacement AI can never understand humans properly and replace us.

It has both advantages and disadvantages which I already covered above in the PROs and CONS section.

We should utilize this tool as it is also created by us human begins but never forget to cross-check what it is providing and give it our own touch and personality into it.

I hope you would have liked this review if yes then consider sharing it with your friend and colleagues whom you think should read this post. And also don't forget to share your thoughts and opinion about this post as your feedback helps us to improve our content.

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