Bricks Builder Review: Best Alternative to Oxygen Builder

If you're looking for a WordPress Builder to build custom complex websites that allow you to design and customize each area of your site without having to deal with the default ugly theme templates then stick with this review of Bricks Builder as it will help you understand why this tool is best for your use-case.
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Last Updated: June 2, 2021
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If you're looking for a WordPress Builder to build custom complex websites that allow you to design and customize each area of your site without having to deal with the default ugly theme templates then stick with this review of Bricks Builder as it will help you understand why this tool is best for your use-case.

Bricks Builder is the best alternative to the Best WordPress Builders like Elementor and Oxygen Builder in terms of all aspects in my opinion. It offers a simple user interface and an easy user interface like Elementor, on the other hand, it also provides the most advanced features like Oxygen Builder for building custom websites.

Although it's not very old as compared to the other alternatives in the market yet the development speed is really fast because it has included dozens of advanced features requested by the community since it was first launched which is a dream for the users of other tools like Elementor and Oxygen Builder.

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So without taking more time let's dive in!

Introduction of Bricks Builder

Thomas Ehrig is the Founder, Designer, and Lead Developer of Bricks Builder. He is a certified full-time WordPress Designer & Developer, Envato Elite Author, and best-selling author on Creative Market.

If you ever used or heard about HappyFiles, the best media folder plugin for WordPress then let me inform you that Thomas Ehrig is the man behind this powerful tool.

Bricks Builder gained huge popularity among WordPress users in a very less time and one of the reasons behind that was the earlier popularity of the HappyFiles which is one of the most loved plugins by WordPress users so the goodwill of it made Bricks famous with its help of positive word of mouth.

However, one thing to mention here, even though Bricks Builder initially got accepted by the people because of HappyFiles but if it was not a good product then people would have forgotten about it in no time.

But fortunately, it is a great product that delivered on the promises much more than people expected and still delivers which makes me expect it has the potential to dethrone the other alternatives in the market if it stays on the same track as it is now.

Valuable Resources for Bricks Builder

Explore all the links to useful resources for Bricks Builder that I included in this section in order to make it easy for you to find everything important in one single place.

Main Features of Bricks Builder

Find out all the key features of Bricks Builder in this section at a single glance.

Features for the Web Developers:

  • Visual Full Site Editing
  • Dynamic Data
  • Truly Responsive Editing
  • Undo/Redo
  • Revisions
  • Customizable Save
  • All The Fonts You Want
  • Pre-Designed Templates
  • No Lock-In Effect
  • Control Builder Access
  • Header & Footer Builder
  • Light and Dark Mode
  • Page-Specific Optimizations
  • SEO & Social Media
  • Edit Like A Document
  • Hover State Styles
  • Searchable Controls
  • Pin Elements
  • Structure View
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Preview Your Work
  • Create Your Own Elements
  • Page Management
  • Fully Translatable & RTL
  • Built-In Help Center

Features for the Web Designers:

  • Any Layout You Want
  • Design Any Part Of Your Site
  • Theme Styles
  • 1 Million+ Unique Free Photos
  • Image Editing
  • Gradients & Overlays
  • Videos Everywhere
  • Custom Color Palettes
  • Shape Dividers
  • CSS Transform
  • Hover Styles
  • Global Elements
  • Thousands of Icons
  • Custom CSS
  • Animations
  • SVG Support
  • Reset Your Styles
  • Sidebar Creator
  • Visual Block Styling

Features for the Performance & SEO:

  • Built-In Search Engine & Social Media Settings
  • Smart Lazy Asset Loader
  • Disable Scripts
  • Font Loading as Needed
  • Design Any Part Of Your Site

Best Features of Bricks Builder

Explore the best features of Bricks Builder in this section that I think you will find really valuable.

No Lock-In Effect

Bricks Builder allows you to convert your Gutenberg data into Brick Builder data, and vice versa.

One of the best features of Bricks is this plugin also allows you to edit your Gutenberg pages inside its editor and the other way around which means it will not lock you into any long-term obligations or commitments.

Pin Elements

Bricks Builder allows you to pin your favorite elements in the panel so you can find them more quickly and it remains in its position until you manually un-pin it.

It's helpful when you have lots of elements in the properties panel to save your screen real estate as most people will use only a few elements at a time so having the most frequently used elements pinned on top is a time saver.

Create Your Own Elements

Bricks Builder comes with multiple dozens of highly customizable elements but if something is missing from the list then you can always create your own element with some PHP, HTML, and CSS.

Just a few easy steps to follow, but you'll need to learn how to code first if you want to create your own elements.

Disable Scripts

Bricks Builder allows you to disable scripts like emojis, embeds, etc that are loaded by WordPress but aren't necessary on your site.

It will help you to get a faster page load time, and keep visitors from leaving your site.

Image Editing

You can completely skip any image editing software as Bricks Builder allows you to apply unique effects to your images right from the editor window using CSS filters.

You can adjust image quality, and set blur, brightness, contrast, hue, invert, opacity, sepia, and saturation with the help of existing visual control options.

Videos Everywhere

Include a video from your YouTube channel, Vimeo channel, or any external URL. To make your pages look more professional, add background videos to sections, rows, and columns. 

Open videos in customizable lightboxes, and configure your own unique fully customizable video player.

This option has the advantage of letting you use a video player that matches the theme of your website.

Global Elements

With the click of a button, Bricks Builder allows you to save any element to reuse it in other parts of your site.

Global elements allow you to manage and consistently update your site, no matter where it is displayed. Once the change is applied, it will appear in all instances of the element across your website.

PROS of Bricks Builder: Why Should You Use It?

Find out all the bad things about Bricks Builder that makes me think you should consider using it for your custom WordPress projects.

Great Backend & Frontend Performance

Bricks Builder offers a great backend performance with a quick loading speed for web designers and developers who want to build websites using this powerful tool.

Not only that but it also produces bloat-free fast loading pages which improve the overall performance of the site for the front-end website users which is really helpful if you want Google to love your sites.

Public Roadmap for Transparency

This is one of the best things about Bricks Builder that it has an open public roadmap that allows users to keep track of the development progress of this tool.

In my opinion, the publicly available roadmap is a huge trust factor for any product in the market. If people can see what is happening behind the wall then they will be excited about it and they will keep their faith in the product.

Variety of Useful Native Elements

Bricks Builder offers a wide range of native useful elements which you will find helpful while building your website. Each element has multiple customization options which means you can customize everything as per your requirements.

Attributes for Accessible Website

Bricks Builder has a built-in dedicated attributes option for all the elements which is great if you want to make your website accessible to the latest web browsers for a better user experience.

Unsplash Integration for Free Stock Images

Unsplash integration makes it really convenient to use any of the available free stock images in the directory directly from the Bricks Builder Editor Window and use it for your website pages while designing the site.

It is a time-saving feature that quickly lets you find and use the image of your choice without even leaving the editor window of Bricks Builder in order to find images somewhere else.

CONS of Bricks Builder: Why Shouldn't You Use It?

Explore all the bad things about Bricks Builder that I think should be improved to compete with other alternatives. And if you must need those features for your project then you should not use this tool at this moment.

Deep Integration with SEO Plugins is Missing

In my opinion, if you're using WordPress to build websites then one of the first and must-have plugins I would highly recommend is an SEO plugin but Bricks Builder lacks deep integration with popular SEO plugins including RankMath and SEOPress.

Therefore I think the developer team should prioritize adding deep integration with all the major SEO plugins as it's a much-needed feature that has the potential to make or break any business in terms of organic traffic from the web browsers.


In this article, I tried my best to review the Bricks Builder from various angles in order to help our readers and community members to decide if this is one of the WordPress Builders they should consider using to build websites or not.

You can find the product introduction, main features, best features, and pros and cons of Bricks Builder in this article which I have shared with my own experiences of testing the tool.

Also, if you are seeking for more information about Bricks then consider checking our dedicated post covering all the answers to the frequently asked questions about this product.

If you found this article helpful which I believe you did then please consider sharing it with your circle and community in order to help them know about Bricks Builder and if it is what they need or not.

Also if you have anything on your mind about this topic then feel free to share it in the comment section below in a constructive manner as it would be helpful for other readers like you.

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