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Beginner's Guide To Start A Service-Based Online Business

Written by:
Mohammed Wasim Akram
First Published on:
April 26, 2019
Last Updated on:
January 1, 2021
Post Categories:

I know how frustrating it is, not know how to start a business with the help of the internet even if you have some great skills, and when others are already crushing it.

Therefore if you are desperate to learn about starting a service-based online business using the skills that you already have within you, then stick with this blog post as I am going to teach you the step by step process to set up a service-based online business.

If you really want to learn to make a living out of the internet by establishing a successful online business but don't know how these things work then this is the best place to begin.

So without wasting any more time let's begin.

Create Your Potential Customer's Buyer Persona

If you think that you have a great service to sell and you are going to sell it online and people are going to get crazy to buy your services then you are living in a dream world.

Thus if you're really serious about selling services online using your website then the very first step is to find your potential customers who are willing to buy whatever you have to sell.

Not everyone in this world would need your services but there are definitely a group of people who are going to need your services and you just have to find out that group of people to establish your service-based business online.

The best way to do this is by creating a buyer's persona aka a buyer's avatar that represents your targeted customers.

Now you might be thinking what the heck this buyer persona thing is? But don't worry it is not that complicated to create your buyer persona.

The easiest way to create a buyer persona is by looking at your previous customers who already purchased your services in the past.

You just need to analyze the similarities between them and ask a few questions to discover it, but even if you don't have any previous clients still these questions will help you to discover your buyer persona.

Questions to discover your buyer persona according to HubSpot;

  • Describe your personal demographics.
  • Describe your educational background.
  • Describe your career path.
  • In which industry or industries does your company work?
  • What is the size of your company (revenue, employees)?
  • What is your job role? Your title?
  • Whom do you report to? Who reports to you?
  • How is your job measured?
  • What does a typical day look like?
  • Which skills are required to do your job?
  • What knowledge and which tools do you use in your job?
  • What are your biggest challenges?
  • What are you responsible for?
  • What does it mean to be successful in your role?
  • How do you learn about new information for your job?
  • Which publications or blogs do you read?
  • Which associations and social networks do you participate in?
  • How do you prefer to interact with vendors?
  • Do you use the internet to research vendors or products? If yes, how do you search for information?
  • Describe a recent purchase.

Niche Down Your Best Services

Once you discover your buyer persona then the very next step is to niche down your best service according to your buyer's need.

If you are thinking about selling multiple services at a time then let me tell you that this is going to be your biggest mistake ever.

Don't be a generalist, be a specialist if you really want to succeed in selling services online. Being a jack of all trade is not a bad thing but it is necessary to become a master on at least one.

It's time to discover your own strength, you might have knowledge of multiple things within your industry but find out that one thing which you most like doing and you have a great amount of expertise.

You just want to start selling online with just one service that you have great expertise and passion for, later on when your business gets established then you can add more services.

Align Your Best Service With Your Buyer Persona

So now you have already found your buyer persona and also decided the one service that you are going to sell.

If your answer is yes then aligning both the things is the third and very very crucial step to selling service online and building a stable business around that.

Because if you have created a buyer persona but they don't require the service that you are willing to provide to them then there is no use of that buyer persona.

Please keep in mind that your buyer persona should be created based on the service that you have chosen to sell to them, in simple words your service should solve a particular problem of those customers who you are targeting.

Buyer persona and your best service are totally dependant on each other to establish a successful service-based online business thus they should be parallel like a train track.

If your best service would able to solve the pain point of your buyers based on your buyer persona then the rest other steps will be very easy for you to set up a successful service-based business.

Create A Dedicated Website For Your Business

Once you create your buyer persona, niche down your service, and align them with each other in a proper way then the next step is to create a dedicated website for your business.

Now you might be thinking that why a website when there are a number of social media and freelancing platforms available?

Then let me tell you that there is no better and effective way to set up a proper business online without a website.

Other social media and freelancing platforms would definitely play a big complementary role within your business but they are never going to be the primary platform to set up a scalable business online.

There is a number of reasons to have a business website to grow online and the most important reason is that your website is going to be your own platform and you would have 100% control over it.

Benefits Of Having A Business Website

  • Website Establishes Your Trustworthiness
  • Website Helps You To Maintains Your Reputation Online
  • Website Provides Visibility & Recognition To Your Brand
  • Website Allows Around The Clock Availability
  • Website Assures More Consumer Satisfaction
  • Website Improves Your Marketing Strategies
  • Website Brings You New Business Opportunities
  • Website Is Easy To Use And Operate Even By Yourself
  • Website Can Become A Proven Money Saving Tool

If you want to know more in detail that why having a website is necessary then click the hyperlink within this paragraph to read a separate in-depth article about this topic.

Also if you want to create a website for your service-based business then you could consider our website design and development packaged service to get an up and running website within a week.

Set Up A Perfect Online Sales & Marketing Funnel

Once you get your business website up and running then the very next step is to create a well planned online marketing and sales funnel.

If you are not clear about what a funnel is then let inform you that a funnel is a series of step which your potential customer follows before purchasing whatever you have to sell.

No business is going to be easy thus you are going to need a full proof funnel to establish a successful service-based business.

Your funnel would have total four steps based on the AIDA formula.

  • A = Awareness / Attention
  • I = Interest
  • D = Desire
  • A = Action

Step 1: Awareness / Attention Stage

In the awareness stage, you would have to grab your potential customer's attention with some pieces of content to make them aware of their problem and your solution.

For this, the best kind of content could be video-based content or a blog post also works.

After watching your video or reading your blog post people will be aware of the problem that they are facing and the solution that you are providing to solve that particular problem.

Step 2: Interest Stage

Once they are aware of their problem then the next step is to show them how their problem can be solved and what are the exact steps they might need to take to solve that particular problem.

To do this you also can produce some video content or blog posts.

In this way, they will be interested to solve their problem and start researching more about that problem and its solution.

Step 3: Desire Stage

As soon as they're interested to solve the problem immediately you should let them know that what are the benefits that they would get if they go with the solution that you are providing.

To do this you can drive them to your landing page where they get to know everything about your service, its benefits, its features as well as the pricing.

This step would be very crucial thus you need to have a really well designed and compelling landing page to convince them so that it becomes their desire to work only with you.

Step 4: Action Stage

Once they have followed all the steps involved in the funnel and have a high desire to purchase your service at that time if you want them to take an action then you need to give them a reason to take that action.

The reason could anything from a discount or some bonus benefits if they purchase your service, and if you do this properly then definitely they will take the action and hit the order button.

Establish Yourself As A Brand

Back in the days creating a brand was not as easy as it's today.

Today you can create a well-established brand with very less hard work and expenses as compared to the earlier days when there was no internet existed.

If you have already created your buyer persona in a proper way then you should definitely know what are those social platforms where your targeted customers hanging out and spend most of their time.

So the best way to establish your business as a brand is to connect with your potential customers within only those social platforms using a multi-channel approach.

Today most people love to watch videos thus you can easily engage and connect with your audience through video content, although you should use all the platforms for video, still, YouTube is the best platform for video content till date.

Here connecting doesn't mean that you just pitch your product all the time, instead, you have to understand their pain points, their struggles which your service could solve.

Then you need to help them out by answering their questions on social platforms with the help of different types of content like blog posts, social media posts, and the most powerful way today, the video contents.

In this way, over time your potential customers would begin to recognize you as an authority in that field and they also would be interested to purchase your service as you have already built trust among them by now if you do these things in the right way.

Therefore slowly and gradually you will be able to build a brand around your business using social platforms in the right way.

Generate Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Funnel

So now your website is live, your funnel is ready and you already have up and running social media pages that make your business look like a legit brand.

Now the next and very important step is to generate highly targeted traffic and send them to your sales funnel.

Because whatever you do but if you don't have people coming into your website then no one is going to know about your service and no one would able to buy as they don't know about it in the first place.

Therefore, in my opinion, the best way is to generate instant and high targeted traffic is through online ads, and there are so many platforms out there for online advertisements but in this case, the most effective platforms are Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

You should always start with the Facebook ads because Facebook has a huge amount of customer data and you can easily target anyone and everyone you can imagine based on your buyer persona.

In the initial stages, you should push your content made for awareness and interest stages to your potential customers only through Facebook ads as these contents have low buyer intents thus will cost you less money.

And then the next step is the Google ads and Facebook ads at the same time, you can use these both for the desire and action stages by pushing your landing page through retargeting and remarketing ads using both of these platforms.

You can use retargeting ads on Facebook as well as on Google to show your ads to the people who have already visited your content pages of the funnel, and to accomplish this you just need to add a few pieces of codes provided by these ads platforms.

Convert Your Customers Into The Loyal Fans

If you follow all the above steps properly then you could establish a service-based business online within a month very easily.

But that wouldn't be enough if the service you are selling will not provide great value to your customers.

If your customers are not happy then you will never be going to get long-term success and scaling the business would be impossible.

Therefore if you want to keep your customers happy and scale your business exponentially then you need to keep making your customers your true fans by providing a great after-sale service.

Just provide them 10x value against the price they have paid for your service, and make them very much satisfied with the after-sale customer service.

If you are able to follow this successfully then over time your customers will become your fans and promote your business with their friends, families, and colleagues whenever they get a chance.

And eventually, your business will really become a brand and will increase in size day by day as the power of people is the biggest power ever in the business world.

Be Consistent With Optimization, Iteration & Improvement

Once your service business is well established then the real works begin which are consistent optimization, iteration, and improvement of your service, website, your funnels, and your ads based on the qualitative and quantitative data.

For example; after selling so many people you have started to realize that your service needs to get rid of a few features which people don't usually want and add some other features that most of the time people end up requesting.

Also, you might need to update your blog posts, replace the videos used in the funnel, improve the website design and speed over time, copies on the landing pages, and some ad copies might not working well thus you need to improve the ad copies and call to action.

I hope you already understood whatever I am trying to say so now you just need to keep an eye on everything of your business and make your mind for optimization, iteration, and improvement forever.

Also if you want to get more business using your website then I have written an in-depth article standalone on this topic, to read that please click the hyperlink in this paragraph.


If you're reading the conclusion then it is safe to assume that you have already read the entire article thus now you have complete knowledge about setting up a service-based online business.

In this blog post, I have tried my best to cover every important aspect regarding the service-based online business using a very easy and non-technical language as I have written this guide dedicatedly for beginners.

After reading this blog post if you have any questions in mind or wanna share your thoughts about this topic then you are free to leave your comment in the comment box below.

If you enjoyed reading this blog post and got great value from it then I would like to request you to share this post with your community and those people who also need to learn about this topic just to help them out.

Also if you want to set up a business website and don't know how to do this then we can create a high converting industry-specific website for your business in a hassle-free way and for that, you won't even need to go outside as we are just a click mouse away.

Thank you so much for spending your precious time to read this blog post, it will definitely pay you back for your efforts.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Please note I want to keep things crystal clear that this page may contain some of our affiliate links. Also, we don't know, use or recommend every product we link to, so please do your due diligence before buying them.

However, there are very few selected products that we trust, use, and recommend to our readers and community, and we always mention that on our website which you could also find on our Recommendation Page.

Hence, if you make a purchase using any of those links, then it is safe to assume that we might get a small amount of commission without any additional cost to you, which helps and encourages us to produce more helpful content like this for you.

Feel free to explore our Legal Policy Pages

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