Advanced Scripts Review: WordPress Code Management Plugin

Advanced Scripts is the most powerful code snippets & script manager in the WordPress Ecosystem. It allows you to write and assign codes like PHP, CSS, JS, SCSS & LESS directly inside WordPress. If that is not enough then let me tell you that it also comes with Custom Hooks, Conditional Logic, and an easy-to-use User Interface with great UX.
Mohammed Wasim Akram
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Last Updated: January 18, 2021
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If you're a WordPress professional such as a web designer or developer who doesn't like to use plugins for every small thing and also doesn't want to mess with the website backend files using child themes then Advanced Scripts is the lifesaver for you.

You could consider Advanced Scripts as an alternative to Code Snippets Plugin but Advanced Scripts is way more powerful than Code Snippets and other similar alternatives.

However, I really like Code Snippets because it's powerful yet free and I had been using it for since long on most of my projects but once I found Advanced Scripts I had to ditch the Code Snippets, and to be honest I never looked back as Advanced Script is my new love πŸ˜‰

In this review post, I am going to explore and explain the possibilities, features, benefits, pros, and cons of my favorite Advanced Scripts plugin.

Maybe you are thinking that Code Snippets would be enough for you to manage and inject scripts on WordPress, but trust me once you read my review or start using AS yourself you would never get a chance to look back or even think about the other alternatives.

So without taking further time let's get started...

Introduction of Advanced Scripts

Advanced Scripts is the most powerful code snippets and script manager in the WordPress Ecosystem. It allows you to write and assign codes like PHP, CSS, Javascript, SCSS & LESS directly inside WordPress. If that is not enough then let me tell you that it also comes with Custom Hooks, Conditional Logic, and an easy-to-use User Interface with great UX.

This plugin is developed by my good friend Abdelouahed Errouaguy, who is one of the most trusted members of the Oxygen Builder community and also a former developer at Soflyy.

If you are an Oxygen user then you would know about the most loved add-on plugin Hydrogen Pack which is also developed by the same developers.

The main goal of the developers of Advanced Scripts is to help website creators make website performance faster by reducing the number of plugins by using and organizing all the useful code snippets instead in a single place to make our lives easier.

Valuable Resources for Advanced Scripts

Explore all the links to useful resources for Oxygen Swiss Knife that I included in this section in order to make it easy for you to find everything important in one single place.

Why Do I Love the Advanced Scripts?

There are various reasons that I can share with you for loving this awesome plugin and here I would like to share a few major reasons to make you aware of why I love Advanced Scripts over any other similar plugins like Code Snippets.

These are the main reasons I love Advanced Scripts which I am going to explain in detail in the PROS section of this review:

  • Beautiful & Clean User Interface
  • Great User Experience
  • Active Helpful Community
  • Best Customer Support
  • Great Pricing Model

Main Features of Advanced Scripts

I am not going to explain each of the Advanced Scripts features over here in this review but I have listed below all the main features of this powerful plugin.

However, if you're not aware and curious to know the feature details then I would suggest you check them on their official website.

  • No More Bloated Plugins
  • PHP Like a Pro
  • Write SCSS or LESS
  • Load External Resources
  • HTML Tracking Snippets
  • Safe Mode
  • Optimized User Interface
  • Oxygen Global Colors

Best Features of Advanced Scripts

Advanced Scripts has multiple unique features that you couldn't find on any other alternative tools available in the WordPress space, and in this section, I am going to share with you all the features that I found unique and interesting in this powerful tool.

Ability to use different script types

Advanced Scripts allows you to inject various types of scripts and code snippets including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. It also allows compiling SCSS and LESS directly into standard CSS without any problem and manual effort.

Use Different Script Types - Advanced Scripts Review - SyncWin
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Use scripts in different locations

Advanced Scripts provides us a standard option to use the scripts on a pre-defined location like Everywhere, Front-End, Administrative Area, or Manually.

Therefore using this powerful tool you can select any of the available locations to inject your snippet based on your requirement.

Use Scripts on Different Locations - Advanced Scripts Review - SyncWin
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If that is not enough then let me tell you that this tool offers more granular control to specifically inject snippets on various parts of your website based on the available HOOKS such as wp_loaded, wp_head, wp_footer, and many more.

Use Scripts on Different Locations (Hooks) - Advanced Scripts Review - SyncWin
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Load CSS or JavaScript from URLs

Advanced Script also allows you to load CSS or/and JavaScript either using the CDN URL or by uploading files on the media library without registering and enqueuing scripts and styles using custom PHP code which is awesome in my opinion.

Load CSS from URLs - Advanced Scripts Review - SyncWin
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Load CSS Styles or Fonts from CDN or Self Hosted URLs
Load JavaScript from URLs - Advanced Scripts Review - SyncWin
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Load JavaScript Library from CDN or Self Hosted URLs

Advanced Conditions Engine to use scripts

Advanced Conditions Engine is a much-awaited and most requested feature since the beginning and finally, they released this feature with the latest version 2.0 of Advanced Scripts.

Using this powerful condition engine you would be able to apply scripts on your website based on the multiple different variations of conditions.

I believe this is the most powerful and game-changing feature of all and you can build advanced dynamic websites using this awesome feature.

Advanced Conditions Engine - Advanced Scripts Review - SyncWin
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Import JSON file from Code Snippets Plugin

I was a Code Snippets plugin lover and still, I would say that there is no better and more powerful free tool available as a replacement for Code Snippets, but once I found Advanced Scripts which is a paid tool, hence I never looked back.

I requested the developers to add the ability to import the snippets from Code Snippets to Advanced Scripts without any manual effort and finally, they added this handy and useful feature with version 2.0.

Therefore if you're a Code Snippets user and planning to migrate your snippets to Advanced Scripts without any manual effort then now you could just export the JSON file from the Code Snippets plugin and import that into Advanced Scripts with a breeze.

Use colors from Oxygen Builder's global colors

This is good news for Oxygen Builder users (I am also one of them), you can use Oxygen's global color within your custom CSS styles directly from the Advanced Scripts screen.

The best part about this feature is that if you change any color from the Oxygen's global color settings then the colors will automatically be updated in your custom styles within Advanced Scripts where you used them in the first place.

Use Colors from Oxygen Builder Global Colors - Advanced Scripts Review - SyncWin
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PROS of Advanced Scripts

There are multiple PROS you can find in this powerful tool Advanced Scripts and the best way to find them is by using it yourself, but if you are totally unaware of this tool or still around the fence then let me share with you some PROS to help you understand why this tool is so great.

Beautiful & Clean User Interface

One of the best things about Advanced Scripts is its beautiful and clean user interface, the UI is very well thought thus you would find everything in the right place in the right manner as it should be.

I can assure you that you would love the UI of this plugin because with its perfect blend of colors and aesthetics it looks like eye candy and it improves the user experience automatically which I will explain in the below section.

Great User Experience

User Experience is one of the most important factors of any software nowadays and even giant companies like Google give top priority to the UX for all their products.

As I already said that Advanced Scripts has a great UX even if it's not perfect still it's very easy to understand and use.

Therefore, even if you don't follow the documentation still you would be able to understand how to use it just by looking at its structured available options but the only condition is that you need to have at least a basic understanding of how the codes and scripts work.

Active Helpful Community

Having a knowledgeable and supportive community is the plus point of any product, and with Advanced Scripts, you are getting all the benefits of having a community as it has a Facebook Group with more than 1000 members.

The best part is that if you are facing any issue while adding your snippets to the Advanced Scripts then you could ask the community members and most of the time you would get a solution even without raising an official support ticket.

Best Customer Support

As I already said that most of the time you're not going to need official support as mostly the community would help you solve the problems you're going to face in the first place.

But still, if sometimes there is something you need help with from the developers then in that situation, I would like to assure you that you won't find better support than this as the developers will mostly give you the solution with the first reply only.

Great Pricing Model

I can't emphasize enough the most affordable pricing for all the powerful features which you couldn't find anywhere else with this kind of pricing.

Advanced Scripts is available for a very affordable one-time cost with lifetime support and updates which seems unbelievable but it's true.

CONS of Advanced Scripts

To be very honest it's very hard to find CONS in this perfectly crafted tool, but still, I think there is nothing in this world that exists without any flaws, for that reason I have discovered a few CONS that are worth paying attention to by the developers.

Lack of Documentation & Tutorials

Just like the other awesome plugins like Hydrogen pack and Oxygen Attributes, Advanced Scripts also doesn't have any documentation available yet since it was first launched.

Also being a very new product it's hard to find any good tutorials about this product which creates CHAOS among the potential buyers and existing users sometimes.

But again if you start using it and you're a member of the official Clean Plugin Facebook Group then you would gradually understand how to use it with the help of other community members and the developers as well.

User Experience improvements required

In my opinion, there are some minor adjustments required in terms of the user experience of Advanced Scripts which I am going to share with the hope that the developers pay attention and address them if necessary.

  • Advanced Scripts should have a dedicated landing screen with script-type selection cards for new scripts and also a list of all the existing scripts.
  • Advanced Scripts Menu should be on the main WordPress menu instead of as a submenu under the Tools.
  • WordPress Menu shouldn't be collapsed by default though there is an option to expand in the extreme bottom, I think it should be available to a more visible location.
  • Back to Home/Main Screen is missing when editing an existing script which is a PAIN if you want to go back to the main default screen.
  • Description field should have Rich Text support to properly write the descriptions using formatting options like bold, italic etcetera.


In this post, I have tried my best to review the Advanced Scripts plugin without being BIASED, and I hope I can make this review helpful for potential buyers to make their decision a little bit easier.

Here I have covered the Introduction of the product and its parent company, Unique Features, PROS, and CONS based on my limited knowledge and observation while using this plugin.

I hope you would find this article helpful and if that is the case then consider sharing it with your community and friends to make them aware of this powerful hidden gem.

Also if you have to say something about this review or the plugin itself then feel free to add value to the community in the comment box below.

Thank you for visiting!

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